“If you can handle a nightclub audience successfully, you can handle anything.”

Judy Holliday

Today for Saturday’s spots, I’m going to focus on Saratoga Casino & Raceway and the little hidden place, Vapor. For those of you who either know me or follow what I say on twitter, you would know that I work for a bunch of local radio stations in promotions when I’m not writing up this lovely blog. Recently, for the local hip-hop station I work for, my job brought me to Saratoga to an event in Vapor for the first time. I’ve seen the commercials on TV all the time but I’d never been. I’ve traveled to the various casinos in the general area: Mohegan Sun, Foxwoods, Turning Stone- yes, I’ve been to all of them but had not yet been to Saratoga, the place closest to where I live. I was initially surprised by how comparable it was to the bigger casinos. When I eventually walked in to Vapor I pleasantly surprised. I never expected it to be so large as well as so nice inside.

The event I was there for was for Vinnie of Jersey Shore. Since the TV show Jersey Shore (on MTV) draws a certain kind of crowd, I can’t really say if this is the normal crowd into Vapor on a regular Saturday night. That night there was a live DJ keeping the music relevant but with a bit of a remix perfect for dancing.

Vapor has two levels, the stage level and a balcony each with a large number of chairs and couches so that you can relax with your friends and a drink when you’re not dancing. The 2 bars were equally pretty crazy, the music was loud and it was the most important place to be on a Saturday night in a nightclub so to wait for a drink took a little bit of time and it was hard to hear if the bartender asked a question but not too bad.

Overall, I had a lot of fun. The cover is usually about $5 or sometimes even FREE so if you’re going for an afternoon of gambling and looking to do something at night, it’s worth a look especially if the cover price is FREE. It’s a big enough floor so that you’re not crammed in there dancing with people you don’t mean to be dancing with, you get space to dance with your friends. There’s also a balcony outside for smokers but I assume as the weather gets a little warmer, that will be used for more. Looking for somewhere to go for a cheap price just to dance? Check out Vapor, let me know what you think. The way I figure is that with the cover price so cheap, it still leaves you open to head to downtown Saratoga if you feel like bar hopping with Caroline Street a little less than 2mi away and a short 7min drive for your DD.

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