“Beer is the Danish national drink, and the Danish national weakness is another beer.”

Clementine Paddleford

I don’t call myself a beer connoisseur by ANY means but I know what I like and I know I like beer. For Saturday’s Spots, I figured with the Saratoga Beerfest going on today this is only appropriate. I understand Price Chopper isn’t really a spot but they DO offer something that you should probably check out if you haven’t yet.

I like to try all different kinds of beer but if you were to buy a six-pack of every beer you would want to try, that would get expensive, especially if you don’t like it. Recently in the area I’ve seen a growth in the “Make Your Own 6 Pack” idea and it’s brilliant. I first saw it at Fresh Market in Latham and wrote a blog entry about how excited I was about this new genius idea to hit the area. The only down side was that none of the other grocery stores were catching on and I would have to travel all the way to Latham to make another.

Thankfully, I just went into my local Price Chopper the other day and what did I find? MAKE YOUR OWN SIX PACK. The prices between the two stores are comparable ($8.99 at Fresh Market & $8.95 at Price Chopper) so I can see why you may wonder why I dedicate another completely different blog entry to the same concept and my answer is choice. I know I don’t like IPAs so I usually rule those out first. Then, I rule out any run of the mill beer that I can get anywhere like your Blue Moon, Sam Adams Boston Lager, Heineken, Guinness, Magic Hat #9, etc because why waste this make your own option on making a six-pack of beer I already know I like. I figure if I wanted any of those beers, I’d just buy a six-pack of one of those beers instead make a six-pack of one of each.  With those options ruled out, at Fresh Market I was maybe left with 12 beers I still wanted to try. Two make your own six packs in and there was nothing left to offer me except a 6 pack of America’s most easily found draught beers. I figured this would be the case, too when I saw the collection at Price Chopper but I was wrong! I was so surprised by how many of these beers I’d never heard of, even some by a few of my favorite brands. What was most surprising to me was the selection of local beers; I picked up a brown ale from Adirondack Brewery and I’m excited to see what other local beers they may have to offer in the future. I haven’t purchased another since my first at Price Chopper so I don’t know how often they change the kinds of beers available but I hope they continue to offer the various seasonal options and I hope to see more local beers to choose from as well.

I ended up with a pretty good six-pack if I do say so myself & I’m excited to see if I can find myself a new favorite beer! Try it out, maybe you will too!

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