REVIEW: Bake for You, Albany [PHOTO]

REVIEW: Bake for You, Albany [PHOTO]

Unless you dislike sweet treats as a whole, I feel as if everyone has that feeling from time to time- “Me want cookie!” Also, on the website for Bake For You (475 State Street, Albany), owner Linda Kindlon used another favorite Cookie Monster quote of mine “C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me” so I felt this was an appropriate quote to start with for this blog entry.

Linda recently invited me to her hidden kitchen to not only taste some of her delicious creations but see where everything is made. She emailed me the address beforehand and I knew the general neighborhood but I still had trouble finding where she was, especially since the address I was given was a church and I assumed something had to be wrong. Luckily, I wasn’t.

BakeForYou is based out of the kitchen of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. When asked if she had her sights on a storefront anytime soon she said that she was happy with the way things were right now and her relationships with each of her clients. Don’t worry though if you want to try these delicious sweets, her cookies are available at Bob and Ron’s Fish Fry, Elena’s Italian Cafe, Our Daily Grind, Andy’s Italian Imports, Hudson River Coffee House, Irongate Cafe, Uncommon Grounds,  and many others! If you’re looking to order a bigger selection of cookies check out her WEBSITE for delivery.

Linda had mentioned that she was working on her menus but I was sure to grab a cupcake menu before I left! Cupcakes have become quite a big deal in the Capital District over the past year or two and though I didn’t get to try any of them, I think the Guinness cake is calling to me:

–          The Traditional: Yellow Cake, choice of vanilla butter cream or chocolate butter cream

–          Guinness Chocolate Cake: Moist subtle chocolate cake topped with vanilla butter cream or chocolate butter cream

–          Classic Carrot Cake: sweet carrots, pineapple, coconut and cinnamon topped with cream cheese frosting

–          The Velvet Supper: traditional red velvet cake topped with cream cheese frosting

–          The Addison: yellow cake with fresh orange zest topped with orange butter cream frosting

–          The State Street: coconut cake topped with creamy coconut frosting

–          Cheers to You: white champagne cake with raspberry filling topped with white frosting

–          Walk in the Park: lemon poppy seed cake with a lemon glaze

–          The Sprague Place: vegan chocolate cake topped with chocolate frosting

–          Always Fall: pumpkin cake topped with cinnamon frosting

I did get to sample two delicious cookies Bake For You has to offer, the signature cookie, White Chocolate and Craisins and the S’mores cookie with chocolate and marshmallows. I started with the White Chocolate and Craisins cookie and was so impressed how this cookie that was rather crusty on the outside was soft on the inside with the chocolate semi-melted. I don’t normally like Craisins but it paired so well with the white chocolate that I didn’t even notice. It was almost more like I was eating a scone than a cookie. I knew if  that was their signature cookie, the next was going to be just as delicious.

As you can see in the picture, the marshmallows on the S’mores cookie were toasted brown but don’t let that fool you, they are just as mushy on the inside as the cookie itself. Along with big chunks of chocolate this tasted just like a s’more, with the cookie texture acting as a graham cracker. I luckily was able to take some of them home and I honestly ate one each day until they were gone, I’m going to have to go to one of the locations she sells them in to grab some more! Next time I’ll have to try dunking them in hot chocolate. With the marshmallow on top, it’s like that’s what it was made for. Linda had mentioned an Earl Grey cookie and since I have such a love of tea, I can’t even imagine what it would taste like in cookie form but I’m going to have to give those a try as well. Overall her cookies weren’t sickening sweet as some cookies could be which is either good because it makes each experience just as delicious but bad because my sweet tooth doesn’t get that sugar shock and I could probably finish a dozen of these by myself!

I love to support business owners that don’t just “do this” for the sake of owning a business but actually have a passion for it and in each bite of the cookies (yes, multiple) I had from Bake For You, you could taste the passion. I had visited Linda the day after Valentine’s Day and in between discussing how busy it had been for her the past couple days, she had said that she has turned people away in the past who wanted to order cookies when she hit her limit. Some may think of this as a bad business decision but I think it goes to the quality of her product. She said that if she’s not going to make it to the best of her ability than she’d rather not make it and have a cut off so she can guarantee you the best her product could possibly be.

Not only are the cookies delicious but she makes them all organic and all with local products. The eggs are free range from Mountain Winds Farm, the flour and butter are from Vermont,  the organic raisins, organic tea, spices, soy milk and cheeses are from the Honest Weight Co-Op in Albany & when the fruits and vegetables she needs are in season she buys them local. I had asked her how she decided upon which local places she was going to use for her products and it was based on which made the best cookie in her opinion. Her belief is that “great ingredients make for wonderful sweets” and with that mantra, how could you go wrong?

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