“The most important part of education is proper training in the nursery.”


I love that after living in Schenectady for so long, this blog has led me to learn about little parts of our history that I had no idea about. For example, I received an email some time ago about the Schenectady Day Nursery (25 Lafayette Street  Schenectady) and that this year is its 110th birthday. On February 3rd, the nursery had a children’s birthday celebration with 5 dozen cupcakes while they sang “Happy Birthday.”

Former SDN board member Kay Ackerman was announced at the party at the chair of the “110 Community Readers” initiative. This is a way to get the community involved further with the nursery by allowing them to read to the children to encourage literacy and community awareness. To schedule a reading time, email Kay Ackerman at kaydonack@aol.com or call 518-393-5000.

If you missed the birthday celebration on February 3rd, there are plans to continue the celebration throughout the year. For example, the yearly “Steak & Lobster Fest” on August 16 will be a fundraiser for the school as well as the “A Little Big of Jazz & More” festival on May 3rd.  The board of managers are trying to reach out to other former SDN members, students and teachers during this year’s celebration.

The SDN Board of Managers Chair, Amy Herter Robinson said that this anniversary is a way for the community to “celebrate the tradition of contributing to the quality of life in Schenectady by providing excellent care for children of working families.” The Schenectady Day Nursery originated with a group of local women who, at the turn of the century, realized the need for a daycare center for the children of working families who more often than not were left unattended.

Look out for celebrations throughout the year for this great institution that was the first nursery in Schenectady and maybe even in New York State. Below is a picture of some of the children who attended the Schenectady Day Nursery many, many years ago. Enjoy the history!

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