“Caesar salad is one of my favourite lunch foods. You can shovel it in and talk at the same time.”

Janet Street-Porter

I’ve heard of Bountiful Bread, I’ve heard about the food at Bountiful Bread, I’ve walked past Bountiful Bread, checked out the Bountiful Bread menu but until two weeks ago, I had never personally experienced it.

I was surprised to learn that Bountiful Bread was invented in Albany in 1998, it’s not a franchise- it’s hard to tell the difference these days. It started out as just a “bread operation” as they put it on their website but have since expanded to salads, paninis, soups, desserts and catering. I took a peek at their dessert options and next time I might just have to grab a scone or cookie for the road!

After going to Stuyvesant Plaza for some light shopping with my Mother, we decided to eat at Bountiful Bread since neither of us had been there. I ordered the Greek Salad, Wild Field Greens, Thin Red Onions, Tomatoes, Greek Olives, Feta Cheese, Cucumbers, Croutons and Balsamic Vinagrette for $8.25. I thought the price was fair for the amount of salad I got. Everything tasted great. They offered to mix up my mother’s salad but not mine which made it really difficult to eat. The Balsamic Vinagrette was some of the best I’ve had in awhile and it made for great dunking for the bread that came with it. Everything tasted very fresh and hit the spot exactly since I was craving a salad.

For dinner that night, we decided to pick up a loaf of bread covered in spinach. I didn’t see an official name but it may have been one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. We put it in the oven for a bit and let the cheese melt with the spinach and oh my goodness, this is something to be experienced.

I did end up picking up a loaf of bread for FREE when I bought a jar of Saratoga Peanut Butter Company peanut butter. I decided on the multigrain but that will have to wait for another blog entry. I’m surprised this is my first time eating at Bountiful Bread, I feel like I’ve been wasting time. I enjoyed this salad a lot more than it’s counterparts like Panera for example. I feel like I got better tasting and more ingredients for the same price.

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