“The best things in life are unseen. That’s why we close our eyes when we kiss, laugh and eat cupcakes.”


Today, Sunday, is the Superbowl. Patriots vs. Giants, a dream game for the New England region. I don’t see my blog as a way for me to take sides in anything have it be politics or sports, I like to keep it neutral. But, this friends, is the Superbowl and if the Patriots don’t win I’ll have a really depressed boyfriend and nobody wants that (especially me). Plus, if the Patriots win, maybe he’ll allow me to be happy if the Red Sox don’t make it to the World Series and my Yankees take it away from them- I obviously have a sport preference and SPRING IS ALMOST HERE!

Anyway, personally, I’d be happy with either team winning. I’m so glad they both made it even though I’m torn. I was raised to love the Giants but as I said above, there are other forces drawing me to wanting the Patriots to win. This isn’t the point of my blog entry today. I love the Superbowl, I love sports but let’s be honest, my favorite part is eating all the food that I only get Superbowl time: wings, chips and crazy dips, burgers, jalapeno poppers, fried, fried and more fried. The question is, what does one eat for dessert after all that fried food? Luckily Coccadotts figured that out! A Chicken wing cupcake. Why is this the first this has been tried?

I woke up Friday morning and the local Twitterverse was a buzz about the Chicken Wing cupcake and as the day went on, it seemed as if the rest of country heard of what brilliance Coccadotts (Central Ave, Albany) created and all anyone could talk about was the Chicken Wing Cupcake.






With all this publicity, it meant only one thing- I had to have one. I was warned that this wasn’t a normal cupcake. Don’t expect sweet vanilla or chocolate, this cupcake base is made with a buttery corn bread base, topped with a blue cheese frosting and a chicken wing from TJ’s Cafe down the street. Since I was already Coccadotts, I figured I couldn’t stop at JUST the Chicken Wing Cupcake and also got a Strawberry filled chocolate cupcake topped with a chocolate double covered strawberry and a Raspberry filled vanilla cupcake topped with chocolate covered raspberry butter cream (isn’t your mouth watering? Mine is and I ate these all already).

Out of the two sweet cupcakes my favorite was by far the raspberry. In my experience with cupcakes, raspberry is one of those tricky flavors that usually taste fake and have an odd after taste but not here. I was really impressed with both the filling and the frosting, especially that it was chocolate flavored. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the strawberry, I really enjoyed the chocolate covered strawberry but raspberry is something that is rarely done correctly in my opinion.

Now for what you really want to know- how was the chicken wing cupcake? I was told before I left, the “technique” to eating the cupcake. Don’t eat this like a normal cupcake! First, you take off the chicken wing and dip it in the blue cheese frosting. When those are gone, then you eat the cupcake.

Of course I was never one to color inside the lines so I had to try just a big bite of cupcake and frosting and I recommend following their rules. The chicken wing was great, kudos to TJ’s! It was a bit spicy that paired perfectly with the blue cheese frosting I was dipping it in. It was strange to dip a chicken wing INTO my cupcake frosting but that’s the way it must be done. It tasted pretty good, actually, I was surprised. You could taste the blue cheese and on the chicken wing it just tasted a little sweeter than usual. So far, not bad.

So with the chicken wing gone all I had left was a bit of blue cheese frosting and  the corn cupcake. This is where it lost me. The cake itself was good, you could taste that it was corn but it didn’t taste like corn bread. It had a cupcake consistency, it just tasted like corn. The frosting paired with that was not my favorite. It was a little too sweet for me and the flavors together were just confusing. Since eating this I’ve been trying to think of how to explain my feelings on this and I’m still speechless. I don’t really know how I feel about it. All the parts separately were great and the wing in the frosting was great but just the frosting and cupcake – I’m not so sure. This is definitely worth a taste and let me know what you think!

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