“Not on one strand are all life’s jewels strung.”

William Morris

Usually on Wednesdays I write about a Local Blog but today instead, though I’m still gonna keep it local,  I’m gonna talk about a local artist/jewelry maker Chrissey Dittus. I will preface this with the fact that she is my Aunt but besides that she’s very talented and if you haven’t heard of her yet- jump on the bandwagon!

You may know her from the incredible art she has done in the Lake George Region. One of her more recent was a drawing of Sacred Heart Church in Lake George that can be found on various mugs and ornaments sold at the Church.

One of my personal favorites ( & I’m probably biased because it’s of me) is a painting she did of a picture of me when I was in Ireland. To note: I look at my hair everyday and these ginger locks are hard to reproduce have it be in hair dye or paint!

She recently participated in the Knock It Off art show benefit where artists were asked to “Knock Off” a famous painting. Video footage can be found HERE. Can anyone tell which painting she “Knocked Off??”

What she’s currently working on are beading bracelets that she sewed together along with matching earrings. You have been able to find her jewelry for quite some time at Extoria tattoo in Lake George Village but more recently they are being sold at Seven Sisters Artisan Gifts in North Creek. A little bit about the local artists they sell can be found HERE.

I own my own Chrissey Dittus bracelet creation and love it. I love the fact that they’re so different and so beautiful. The magnetic clasp makes it easier to put on and take off instead of having to deal with the regular clasp that you need 3-4 hands to work. She makes them in all sorts of colors, each one just as if not more beautiful than the next.

If you’re interested in owning a Chrissey Dittus original, feel free to post a comment here  or email me at 518BitesNSights@gmail.com and I’ll put you in contact with her more directly.

Check out a more close-up view of these bracelets -take a look at mine! Note: most bracelets don’t come with the string of beads like mine does, I just asked for it because I’m prone to losing things 🙂


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