“A morning without coffee is like sleep.”


EDIT: New location now open in Crossgates Mall.

As I’ve mentioned before, I believe, I’m not a fan of coffee. It’s not that I haven’t tried to like it, I just don’t. I actually wish I did because it would make mornings SO MUCH easier. I went to school in NYC for 4 years, a Starbucks on every corner. We could actually swipe meals at the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts instead of having to pay for a coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Somehow, I did it, I survived 4 years of NYC college without liking coffee. I usually stay away from blogging about coffee places because there isn’t usually a large selection for me to choose from. You can’t really discuss how great the tea is because it’s usually Tazo or Bigelow and that has nothing to do with the location, it has to do with the company they get their tea bags from.

Recently I worked an event for ROCK 100.9 (yes, that was a mini-plug, it’s a great station, check it out) at Proctors for Rock of Ages’ opening night and one of the workers from The Happy Cappuccino (185 Jay Street, Schenectady)came over to have people test one of their smoothie creations before they officially opened. When I heard that their Grand Opening involved $1 drinks, I had to stop in not only because I wanted another one of those smoothies that I only got a taste of but because I was curious of the setup. Downtown Schenectady is full of restaurants, bars and restaurant/bars but there’s not many places to bring a laptop to get some work done, grab a coffee and meet up with some friends so I figured this was worth a shot; something with a Starbucks feel but local.

I did, of course, order the SuperFruit Smoothie full of various anti-oxidant bearing fruits (and it’s delicious). There had been music but we were a little late to hear it. The building used to be a creperie and I don’t know when it closed, I had only been there once but I’m happy to see another new business opening downtown. The smoothie was so delicious and there are plenty of other options if that’s not your cup of tea, get the pun? Or hotter beverages for the Wintertime also. I loved the feel of the set-up, there were tables all over the place, some for 4 people, some for 2. One room was set up for musical acts or open-mic nights every Thursday that I saw they were going to start doing on their Facebook page.

They don’t only offer hot/cold beverages but sweet treats as well! When I went there, I sampled one of their cookies which I did enjoy but I’ve been seeing more and more cupcake pictures on Facebook and I have a feeling my next visit will end with me purchasing a cupcake.

If you’re looking for more pictures of what they offer, many people are posting on their Facebook of the beautiful work they do with foam- a little art with their cup of cappuccino? Their Facebook is also the first place to go to see what events they may be having each night. See an event you like? Try dinner at one of the local restaurants or a show at Proctors and end at the Happy Cappuccino for a sweet treat and a warm drink! I’m sure I’ll be back there soon, you might catch me blogging in there sometime, definitely the perfect atmosphere for it!

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