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I was recently invited to attend a food swap in Albany from the From Scratch Club this Sunday. I’ve heard of the From Scratch Club before and was interested but tended to shy away from participating. Don’t get me wrong, this is a brilliant idea and I would love to just see what kinds of things people make but unless someone wants to swap me homemade jam for a dish of paella or the best panko breaded chicken you’ve ever had, I don’t know how well this is going to go. I’m not a baker and my garden is withered and gone since the cold weather came in so I can’t offer that, sadly. What I’m thinking about is baking some bread and drying some homemade pasta- OH! and making some of those Welsh cookies I love so much! How does that sound?

Either way, the point of this blog entry is to talk about their blog which until I was invited to this event I didn’t really have the chance to explore; this club is much more extensive than I realized. Reading their blog is making me more and more excited for Sunday and I can’t wait to see what others are bringing to swap- for more information as to the process and how this whole thing works check out that section of their website HERE.

I didn’t realize that they also are going to begin to have  DIY School, for a small fee they’ll teach cheese making, jam making, sausage making, etc. I find this so fascinating especially since this summer when I’ve been growing my own foods and making my own bread that I would love to add making my own sausage and jam and cheese to that growing list. All natural foods just taste so much better and so much more fresh than the processed goods you find in the stores. The blog isn’t just about the food swaps, they also offer recipes (recently they posted about butternut squash muffins I may have to make), fundraisers as well as being a source of great blog material about local farms, local food, etc. Not only does From Scratch Club bring people of the community together through food swaps but also through their message of keeping things local have it be because it’s better for the environment or the economy or just convenient- overall, it’s just better!

If you can, take part in one of their food swaps, I’m attending my  first one on Sunday so I’ll let you know the process and how it goes so look out for that and explore their blog for yourself, it’s a helpful local resource! Enjoy!

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