REVIEW: Miss London’s, Saratoga [PHOTOS]

Joe Sacco

I don’t visit Saratoga as often as I’d like but each time I do I find a new little restaurant or store that I never knew existed. My most recent trip was pretty spur of the moment, my Mother bought a Groupon to Eugenio’s Gelato that was going to expire so we picked up my Grandma and Aunt and onto Saratoga we went! Since it was lunchtime, we figured it’d be best to stop for food before indulging in sweets and almost right next door was Miss London’s Bakery and Cafe (464 Broadway, Saratoga). When you walk in, it’s like you’re entering a little cafe in Paris, France- which is the feel I think it’s obvious they’re going for. The first thing we saw was their large choice of sweets including croissants and fruit tarts but we were strong and moved to the sandwiches.

For sandwiches you have many choices including paninis, croques, classics, baguettes, etc. NOTE** On the menu they say that each sandwich is served with a mixed green salad but we were told that those are optional and if you don’t order them the price will be adjusted so TECHNICALLY they’re not “served with” a salad, you are paying for it in the end. You order up at the counter, pay, sit at a table and they will then serve the food to you. I ordered the smoked chicken , fontina, basil, roasted red peppers, and roasted red pepper mayonnaise panini.  The sandwich was very, very good and it came served with 3 little olives which was a nice touch. If I was to have gotten the salad, the meal would have been $12.00 but the waitress informed us that it was more around $9.00 each since we didn’t. Served on a ciabatta roll, the bread was toasted and perfectly crunchy, one of the best I’ve had, cheese melted and the mayonnaise wasn’t over powering at all. I also had a black currant tea which paired nicely, there were sugar cubes on the table instead of packets (which included raw sugar). I really enjoyed the feel of this cafe, if I lived closer to Saratoga I could see myself hanging out there with tea reading a book pretending I was in Paris. The prices were a little high for my liking but it’s worth it for a treat once in a while.

Afterward, we went to Eugenio’s Cafe Gelato (458 Broadway, Saratoga) a little bit down the block. There aren’t many really good and fresh gelato places in the area and this was a great find! Not only do they serve gelato but also sandwiches, soups and other desserts. I had to try two different types of gelato because I couldn’t make a decision. I had the stracciatella because that’s my favorite, it’s vanilla gelato with chocolate pieces throughout which may seem like chocolate chip ice cream but it’s different in texture and amount of chocolate and kinds of chocolate mixed in, definitely worth trying.

The other flavor I had was a caramel salt flavor. I don’t remember what they called it exactly but the mixture of sweet caramel with a salty flavor causes a tasty confusion on your tongue. Think about the combination of chocolate and pretzel, that sweet and salty wonderousness on your taste buds. What I liked about this trip was that other than the fact it was a nice day, I enjoyed lunch at a little cafe and then sat outside with gelato and fresh air afterward. It only took a few hours but it was a nice break from working or being inside the house. As the weather gets colder and more snowier I feel as if this trip won’t be as enjoyable but if you’re looking to get out of the house for a little bit, take a visit to these two places. I get more of a feeling of freshness and not cold from gelato versus ice cream so even as the leaves are falling, the gelato will still be a good addition to your day (if not, they serve hot beverages as well!)

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