“Veggie Burgers, so good the only thing missing from them is meat”

Unknown/ NY Times

My cousin just recently moved to Albany so I’ve found myself out there more than I did before. My most recent visit she recommended that we grab food from Pepper Jack’s  (192 North Allen St, Albany) which apparently is well known in her neighborhood but a place I’d never heard of before. It’s hard for me to describe what type of food that they serve there exactly because they serve just about anything but I guess it’s closest to Mexican than anything.

Everything on the menu sounded tasty and very reasonably priced too, in my opinion. I ended up deciding on the Falafel Veggie Burger ($6.99) with Turkey Bacon ($.75) as the main meal with a side of Sweet Potato Tots ($2.50) and Rice & Beans with Cheese ($1.50).

The Falafel Veggie burger was fantastic, especially with the caramelized onions! I wish there was a little bit more sauce on it or on the side but the texture was perfect. Sometimes veggie burgers are too flaky and tend to fall apart with each bite but this held together nicely but wasn’t too hard which also sometimes happens with veggie burgers if cooked too long or too processed. The veggie burger came with homemade BBQ chips that complimented the burger very well & though they thought it odd that I put bacon on my veggie burger, it tasted really well together. That’s the one thing that impressed me, as well as my family, the most – everything tasted homemade even down to the sauce.

My mind was blown by the Sweet Potato Tots. I love tater tots and I love sweet potatoes but the two together as one entity never even crossed my mind, now it’s my favorite side dish here. There was such great sweet potato flavor in each tot. I also really enjoyed the Rice and Beans and Cheese. I was nervous at first because when I opened the container it looked like a lot of cheese and not much of anything else but after mixing it, everything was evenly distributed. Overall I really enjoyed their food and everything on there looked like it would make a great meal so I wouldn’t be surprised if you find another blog entry about this place sometime again soon!

*Disclaimer- In case anyone has a problem with the quote for this week, I really enjoy veggie burgers and don’t feel they NEED meat, I was just in a bacon mood that day and found this quote funny, thank you.

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