“Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. But make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice.”

Akio Morita

I’ve written plenty of blog entries on Japanese food because I love it but each Japanese food place is different and specialize in different types of food. Recently, I went to Sushi Yoshi (1818 State Route 9, Lake George) and was surprised to find out that this was actually a Chinese/Japanese restaurant, two food types that I usually think as something completely different from one another. If you’ve never experienced hibachi, this is something you need to try – though expensive, trust me. I went to celebrate my cousin’s birthday and ordered two different types of meat to be cooked: steak and salmon. Each hibachi special is served with a carbohydrate (either rice or noodles), vegetables, two hibachi shrimp, miso soup and salad with fresh ginger dressing.

The best part of hibachi and the reason it’s something to experience is the show. Hibachi is a serious art form. From balancing eggs to chopping up meat and vegetables faster than my eyes can track, it seems all put together with the showmanship of the cook. This isn’t just watching someone cook and then you eat and the night is over, they’re engaging and the food is still cooked perfectly.

Want to have more fun? Order yourself, and hopefully share, a Scorpion bowl that Sushi Yoshi has at half-price on Tuesdays. Scorpion bowls are usually fruit juice, brandy and rum and when you receive the bowl, it’s on fire, don’t be alarmed. The middle section they light on fire is pure alcohol and you can drink it but I recommend having water or something to drink right after to balance out the taste because it can be pretty strong.

I always end up leaving hibachi satisfied and there is no need for anything after, except maybe a walk to digest the food.  If it’s your first hibachi, let them know! You may even get a squirt of sake in your mouth or have to catch a vegetable without your hands!

*NOTE: Hibachis are a great idea for a birthday party in case you’re looking for an idea, with enough people, you can fill the whole table but if not you can make friends with the other people sitting with you!

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