REVIEW: Oasis Family Fun Park [PHOTO]


REVIEW: Oasis Family Fun Park [PHOTO]


EDIT: Location is now closed.

I‘ve mentioned on quite a few occasions that I frequent the various coupon websites like Groupon or LivingSocial and I love the different places I get to try out for a discount. One of my most recent purchases from LivingSocial was a coupon for four to Oasis Family Fun Park (97 North Greenbush Road, Troy- by HVCC). It was for a party of four to participate in a game of mini-golf with a pizza (or choice of 8 hot dogs), two pitchers of soda and four ice creams. Great deal, no?

I don’t mini golf very often but I really liked this course. It didn’t start easy and progressively get harder like most of them, it was sporadic. Also, they had really cool effects. One of the holes had three different layers and you don’t know which of the layers the ball was going to go to until you hit it in one of them. Another has you hit the ball into moving water and letting the water bring it to the hole. I’ve never seen mini golf with holes on the more intense side but it was a really great course. With the coupon we were only allowed to have chocolate, vanilla or twist ice cream but it was really good and a great treat for after a hot day of mini golf.

Mini golf not your thing? They also offer laser tag in a paintball looking area, defender dome which is a huge bouncy bounce, paddle boats that you paddle with your arms and are also given guns to squirt water at your fellow boaters & the clubhouse where you can get tons of flavors of ice cream, soda, food and more! I never heard of this place before Living Social but I’m really glad I got to try it out because it was a lot of fun! I love mini golf places that offer more activities than just one.

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