REVIEW: The Algonquin, Bolton Landing

Since it’s summer time, a time for beautiful weather (hopefully) and vacations I felt it was time to touch on a few places in the go-to location in the 518, Lake George. Luckily for me, I’ve had family or friends who have had a place on the lake for almost my whole life. Also, I don’t know what I would have done if I wasn’t able to come home to Lake George and race up and down the lake after spending each semester in the controlled chaos that is NYC. One of my family and my favorite places to eat on the lake is The Algonquin (4992 Lake Shore Drive, Bolton Landing).

Each time we go I try to have something different, the one thing that stays the same – New England Clam Chowder. What I love about this soup is that not only are there big chunks of clams but the texture is just right. I love clam chowder and had many different textures from oily to rough to a chunky base but The Algonquin does it right! This was the first time I had the Sangria- mostly because it’s the first time I noticed it. The Algonquin Sangria has St Germain Elderflower liquor with red wine and seasonal fruit but you wouldn’t be able to tell that there were too types of alcohol in it. It was a tad on the sweet side but not anything that would distract from it’s great flavor.

For lunch this day, I ate the Hummus Sandwich ($10.50) with Roasted Red Pepper hummus, fresh mozzarella & baby greens on a roasted ciabatta roll. I liked it. The hummus had a really strong flavor and the baby greens were nice and crispy and fresh, my only problem was that the mozzarella didn’t seem to add much to the flavor of the sandwich though it did change up the texture a bit with each bite. As for value, I wasn’t really impressed. As you can see in the picture, the sandwich was pretty small and mostly baby greens so I thought for that, the $10.50 was pretty steep. Usually their prices equal the value of the sandwich but in this case I didn’t think it did. One could argue that the mozzarella would make the sandwich pricey but for the lackluster flavor if that’s the case, I recommend they spend their money on better mozzarella. This was the first time I ordered the sandwich and even though I don’t seem pleased with this meal in particular, please don’t let that make you shy away from this restaurant. In my opinion, this particular order was nothing more and an anomaly. I’ve been going to this restaurant since I was a kid and this is the first time I didn’t feel satisfied. Some good food, eating on the patio on a beautiful day and the gorgeous view is the perfect way to spend a great Lake Georgian day!

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