“Greek women, we may be lambs in the kitchen, but we are tigers in the bedroom.”

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

I know on Wednesday I usually write about local blogs I’ve come across to share with everyone. This Wednesday I’m going to change things up a smidge. I just realized I still had not written about St. Sophia’s Greek Festival, one of my favorite 518 Springtime events. For about $3.00 you get to enter a piece of Greece you may not be able to experience otherwise. My favorite part of this festival (other than the food) is that you don’t have to be Greek to go! Everyone is Greek during Greekfest!

My favorite foods at Greekfest are obviously the gyros. If you plan on going on the Saturday, especially dinnertime, prepare to wait for your meal in a long line. It goes by quickly but I usually make the mistake by going to Greekfest starving and then having to wait. They have souflaki & gyros either chicken, beef, lamb or veggie. You can wait until Sunday night to eat, and the line is substantially shorter but they may run out of lamb as they did with us- tread carefully!

My next favorite food are the dolmades/dolmas which are stuffed grape leaves – yummm! The mini-platter we bought was only $5.00 and it  also came with Greek olives and fantastic tasting Feta (goat cheese). They tasted really fresh and the feta was that spongy consistency that I love! For dessert, they have a whole bakery section with baklava, my favorite Koulourakia (butter cookies) and many more! The Greek restaurant Athos is also there with Loukoumades or Greek honey dumplings. (If you missed Greekfest, check out my BLOG ENTRY on Athos, their food is fantastic!)

Overall, Greekfest is a lot of fun, even if you’re not hungry- but my recommendation is to come with an appetite!  The Greek culture is all about partying and culture and sharing that with those who you care about no matter what their nationality. Be sure to check out the next Greekfest coming to your area!

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