Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

Looking for a blog that includes both eating healthy and sweet treats? Then you need to check out Sweet Tooth Sweet Life written by Courtney. Saying that someone eats healthy usually means that they cut out junk food, no cookies, no cupcakes, no fast food, none of the “good stuff.” Courtney not only eats that junk food while still staying healthy but bakes it herself! In a recent blog entry she discusses cookies from Goji Gourmet that she got in the mail to try (lucky!!). I love that the new healthy living local blog friends I’ve been making are not afraid to discuss cookies- everything in moderation, right? Not only does she make my mouth water by each picture and description, she has a contest to allow you to win some too! The rules can be found HERE – good luck!! 🙂

Though we have yet to actually meet in person, I diligently follow Courtney on Twitter where not only do you get to hear about her recent blog entries but workouts she’s doing, other giveaways she may have and more! She’s seems very sweet and open to questions, shoot her a message!

On the side of healthy living that’s not just surrounding fun recipes, Courtney also blogs about her day-to-day meals and workouts that you can do too! My favorite is the Incline Treadmill Workout because while I’m slightly afraid of treadmills, my way to go is the incline and this is a great workout utilizing an option on the machine not many people are aware of. Overall, her story is inspiring, her recipes look fantastic and her blog entries are fun. Check it out!

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