“I fear the man who drinks water and so remembers this morning what the rest of us said last night.”

Greek Proverb

With St. Sophia’s Greek Festival coming up this weekend, I felt it was appropriate to highlight a local Greek restaurant in case you either can’t wait until Saturday or your cravings last until Monday and beyond. One of the more well-known Greek restaurants in the area is Athos (1814 Western Avenue, Albany). I went there to eat a week ago for a benefit where a portion of your meal was donated to the programs of the AIDS council.

The menu was full of great tasting options, it was difficult for me to decide. Luckily a friend of my Mother’s found their Price Fix option online for $22.95 that they don’t show unless you ask. That narrowed down my choices and I got soup/salad and a dessert! For the first course, I gave my soup to someone else at the table since we ordered a table-sized Greek salad. It came with a fantastic tasting piece of feta on top so if everyone at the table is getting salad anyway, I recommend ordering this. With that, we received pita and a type of slightly spicy dip that was very good- we ended up fighting over the last bit of it. We also opted to order three types of dip to have with the pitas: tzatziki (of course), eggplant and spicy feta. Their tzatziki was very good, the real stuff, not the sour cream-based sauce they give at festivals- worth a taste! The eggplant was my favorite, it tasted like eggplant and the texture was really enjoyable. The spicy feta wasn’t too spicy, it didn’t have me grasping for water but it had just the right amount of spice to give it a little kick.

For dinner I ordered the swordfish souflaki that came with various vegetables and rice. (I checked the menu on their website and for some reason it isn’t on there, but it was on the regular and the price fix menu when I was there) Every flavor blended really well together, especially with the rice. What I like about swordfish is that it has a fishy consistency but not that real fishy flavor that most people don’t like about fish. It’s the fish for non-fish lovers in my opinion. I saved some of the meal to eat the next day and it still tasted very good but especially with fish, I wouldn’t wait to eat it any longer than the day after- just in case. The restaurant was pretty dark by that point so I’m sorry for the darkness of this picture as well as the lack of dessert picture but believe me it all looked beautiful.

For dessert, everyone at the table ordered the chocolate mousse and I ordered the almond cake. The almond cake was not only too big for me to eat on my own but it was covered in a simple syrup so it eventually got too sickeningly sweet for me to finish so make sure you share! It wasn’t really good, it was soaked so the cake was mushy but still held a bit of a gritty consistency so it wasn’t completely mush. The chocolate mousse was pretty thick and the chocolate flavor was fantastic but also got to be too much sweet to finish but I enjoyed every moment of what I did eat.

I love Greek food and I look forward to the festivals in the area each summer but in case you can’t wait, check out Athos. Not only does the atmosphere look authentic but the food is fantastic!

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