“One of the glories of New York is its ethnic food, and only McDonald’s and Burger King equalize us all.”

John Corry

One of my favorite places to get a burger in the 518 is Five Guys Burgers and Fries (Mohawk Commons, Schenectady) because not only can you put whatever you want on it for no extra charge but the peanut oil it’s cooked in leaves it extra juicy. Something you may not know is that “Five Guys” is actually a chain restaurant but with much better quality than a fast-food place like McDonalds. Your burger is made right when you order it, you can even watch it, not pre-cooked like most fast-food restaurants. Yes, this may result in a longer waiting time but for a fresher burger, isn’t it worth it?

After researching the history on their website, I was surprised to find that “Five Guys” started in Arlington, VA in 1986 – they’ve been around longer than I have! Now, they have more than 750 locations over 40 states and some even in Canada! They pride themselves on using no trans-fats and they dare you to find a freezer in one of their restaurants, coolers but NO freezers!

A play on the fact that they use peanut oil, they also offer dishes of peanuts while you’re waiting so BEWARE IF YOU HAVE A PEANUT ALLERGY, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU. They offer two sizes of burgers, the regular size and the “Little Burger.” I usually order the “Little Burger” and with all that I put on it, that’s usually enough food for me. The “Little Burger” is one patty and the regular burger is two patties – for complete nutritional information check it out on their website HERE. If you’re looking for German-style French fries than you’re luckily already in the right place. They’re given to you in a bag and Five Guys has multiple bottles of vinegar at the ready for you to add. What I like about their fries is that though they’re not crunchy, they don’t have a soggy consistency. All they need is some vinegar and they’re ready to eat (okay, maybe some ketchup too!!). Next time you’re looking for a place to get a burger, especially if you’d never been there before, give Five Guys a try and look for locations on your next vacation!!

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