“Approach the game with no preset agendas and you’ll probably come away surprised at your overall efforts.”

Phil Jackson

With the baseball season just starting (my personal favorite sport) I miss being able to go into sports bars in the city and watching it with a group of fellow fans. Luckily for me, sports bars are becoming quite popular upstate also. I’ve already written about Wolfs 1-11 but my new favorite sports bar is the Recovery Sports Grill which locations all over the 518. My recent trip was to the newest location in Rotterdam (Corner of Altamont & Curry Rd).

My cousin works at the bar so I went originally to visit her at work but stayed for the food (and the eventually postponed Yankee game). To start, my mother and I ordered calamari because it’s something we both agree on. If you’ve had calamari in the past, you’re probably used to the rings but Recovery Sports Grill offers calamari fries. They were really good. I hate when calamari are too chewy and I found these to be really good. The portion size wasn’t a lot to share between two people but since my Mother and I were both planning on eating dinner, it was perfect.

For dinner I ordered the chicken tenders and when they showed up, boy was I surprised! I ordered 7  and they were huge, the option to order 4 would’ve been more than sufficient for me. I ordered them with not only honey mustard which was fantastic but their “Cheerleader” sauce that comes on wings. It was sweet but spicy, a great mix and went really well with the chicken. I assume they last well as leftovers but once I got home, my boyfriend polished off the 6 tenders that I had left.

I really enjoyed the environment. The food was bar type food and though you can order at the bar, there are tables and waitresses as well. There are TVs tuned to various sports networks (ESPN, YES, SNY, etc) but though it may be loud, don’t worry you can ask for a box so that you can tune it to the channel of your choice and listen to the games and control your own volume.

This restaurant has a great feel and good vibe. If the game you decided to watch is going a bit slow for you, you can also play one of the 4 arcade games including basketball. This is just the vibe and food you want for a game, so next time you’re looking to watch the game with some friends, try one of these restaurants!

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