“Forget about being world famous, it’s hard enough just getting the automatic doors at the supermarket to acknowledge our existence.”

Doug Coupland

I love buying things that are abnormal, that you wouldn’t normally cook with or can’t find at your local Price Chopper. I’ve been trying to make sushi recently. I bought a book, the supplies, read up on it on the internet but I needed to find noori (seaweed). I used to live in NYC with a plethora of Asian Supermarkets, there were probably more of those than American Supermarkets, and I missed knowing right where to go for my favorite bites from overseas. If you’re like me, look no further than the Asian Supermarket (1245 Central Avenue, Albany).

I believe I’ve mentioned before my love for Moshi which is a type of ice cream surrounded by rice starch (don’t knock it until you try it!). Thankfully they had some there! Though the cheapest version was about $5.00, that’s just about the normal cost for them. Overall the supermarket is much bigger than I expected it to be from the outside. I couldn’t help but go down each and every aisle to see what they had to offer. Most of the back of the first aisle as well as some space in the back of the store was rice – so much rice.

What I was most impressed with was their seafood section. Almost the entire left wall from when you walk in is seafood either living or not. Not only just seafood but seafood that I had only seen on the Food Network like geoduck and some of the biggest catfish I’ve ever seen!

Even if you’re not looking to buy anything new, go in and take a look at all the different things (and things your used to) they have at great prices! Doesn’t hurt to give it a try! Let me know what you found there & how you liked it!

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