“I want there to be no peasant in my kingdom so poor that he cannot have a chicken in his pot every Sunday.”

Henry IV

I had a job interview in Latham a couple days ago and after I explored to find myself something to eat and I saw Golden Krust Bagels (638 Columbia St Ext # 3, Latham). I had got the sandwich special for ($6.99) that came with a sandwich, pickle, bagel chips & small container of potato salad. One of my favorite deli’s in the area (& I’m partially biased because I used to work there) is Gershon’s and Golden Krust Bagels has the same types of sandwiches for a cheaper price. The only difference is (& again, I must mention that I used to work there and am probably biased) Gershon’s food is made with better products. The chicken salad was really tasty and I really enjoyed the hard roll it came on. My favorite was that the lettuce, tomato and onion come on it free whereas other places make you pay for some of those. What I liked about their potato salad is that it didn’t seem to have too much mayonnaise in it. I could see the chunks of potato and they weren’t smothered. Overall, the food was really good and everything was priced well enough. Just a note, if you order food to stay, you can find your table and they’ll bring your food to you. I waited for mine at the counter and I seemed to have disturbed the natural order of things. In Latham and looking for a quick sandwich stop, check them out. Even if you’re not hungry for food, your sweet tooth should find the thing it’s looking for here as well.

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