“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush. “

Doug Larson

It’s official, Spring has begun. It may not look like it outside but with 2/3 of my favorite 518 ice cream places open, believe me it’s only time before the snow stops and the warm weather is upon us. This past week’s weather has been cold to tolerable to beautiful to snow but that didn’t stop my Mom and I from going to Kurver Kreme in the cold. Be forewarned, Kurver Kreme is CASH ONLY so make sure you stop at the bank before experiencing this great ice cream.

What I really like about Kurver Kreme is that the ice cream is so soft and there are so many flavor options. When my mother and I went, their No Fat/No Added Sugar options were vanilla and peach. I’d never had the peach before but the flavor was great, I could really taste the peach. One of my favorite accessories to my ice cream is their chocolate mint sprinkles. What I love about Kurvers is that I enjoy their vanilla ice cream just as much as I enjoy the flavors. Those sprinkles on plain vanilla ice cream is probably my favorite thing to get there.

Though it’s an ice cream place, don’t rule out getting food there either. They use local Albany hot dogs and are tasty for a great price especially when the weather gets nicer! Am I making your mouth water yet? You don’t have to wait, Kurver Kreme just recently opened for the Spring, stop by for a scoop or two!

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