Then Heather Said

This Wednesday’s local blog is Then Heather Said written by, you guessed it, Heather Shugarman. We met through a friend, technically. She ran into a friend of mine, passed along contact information and the rest is history, or maybe present since we technically haven’t met in person yet. She started the group CDNY Eat Drink Blog which I have recently became a part of where a group of local bloggers get together from time to time to discuss the area, blogging, making friends, etc. It would be safe to assume that for the next couple weeks the blogs I’m choosing for Wednesdays are fellow CDNY bloggers not only because they’re all great to read but they’re some of the best local blogs I’ve found.

As for the blog, Heather is very open about her life including personal details as well as her 2011 Race Schedule which is more intense than anything I ever see myself doing, ever. On top of the inspiring quotes she shares & beautiful pictures of life through her eyes, some of my favorite entries are inspiring stories of people she knows – real life first hand experiences that are very interesting to read and something you can hopefully take an idea away from.

Then Heather Said is a great blog to read when you feel you’re having a down day because what she writes is always so inspiring, leaving me to walk away thinking “Yeah, I can do it – what IT is, I’m not sure, but I know I can do it” and if I’m still not sure of what IT is when I’m done, she gives me ideas!! Take a click around, see what you think. I think anyone who reads her blog will walk away exhilarated, motivated to do something – my suggestion? Run with it! Enjoy!

If just the blog isn’t enough, stay updated with THS with her TWITTER.

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