“Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.”

Dave Berry

I know the commercials have been haunting you as they were me, but last week I gave in, I went to CiCi’s Pizza (145 Wolf Road, Albany- inside the plaza with Guitar Center). I like pizza just as much as the next person but something about a pizza buffet for only $5 made me want to shy away from it but I couldn’t help but want to try it out. I gave in.

You walk in to a register, $4.99 for an adult (add an extra charge if you want unlimited drinks) and you get a tray and you’re open to unlimited everything. The buffet starts with salad without dressing and an already dressed salad with vegetables to add and other dressing options. The plus side of this place being so busy is that I felt like the salad was replaced quite frequently instead of just sitting there; everything was crisp and tasted fresh. Next to the salad was pasta which I tried a bit of and I wasn’t impressed, it was pretty tasteless. Though I was at a pizza buffet, I tried my best to eat as healthy as I could (nutrition facts available on their website) and that pasta needed a lot of salt to taste better that I didn’t want to add.

As for the pizza, there were so many options of different types of pizza and since this was my first time, I took a piece of all the ones I wanted to try. Luckily all the pieces were small enough so you could do that to find your favorite. Something I learned was that if there is a pizza you’re looking for or may have tried a time before and it’s not there, you can ask for a specialty pizza and they’ll make it for you ASAP. For example, my cousin wanted a plain cheese pizza that they didn’t offer. They gave her a sign so when it was ready, they brought her over two pieces. In my personal opinion, I didn’t really like any of the white pizzas. I felt that they needed more of a flavor, either garlic or salt, that it just didn’t have. The BBQ pork pizza was very flavorful and probably my favorite out of the kinds I tried. The plus side of this buffet though is that you can try any pizza that may sound appetizing, you don’t really need my opinion!

As for dessert, they have two kinds of dessert pizza, the apple pie pizza and a sweet cream based pizza who’s taste I equated to cake batter, sweet but fantastic! They also have cinnamon rolls and brownies if those are more your speed, both of which were great. I think the dessert was my favorite part of the whole experience. If there’s a line and you just want a dessert pizza, feel free to walk up and bypass the line JUST for dessert, though!

If you want to take food home, either prepare yourself by bringing tupperware or sneak brownies home in a napkin like we did. They also have take-away pizzas in case you already know your favorite and don’t want to wait in the buffet line or just feel more comfortable at home.

Though it looked packed from the outside, the line moves really quickly and there’s a lot of room for seating especially in back. Even if you’re not a fan of this type of “fast-food” I’d give CiCi’s a try if anything for the experience. Where else can you have a plethora of flavors of pizza in one meal? Or request flavors you came up with? Or have a Mac&Cheese pizza? Or dessert pizza? For only $5, it’s definitely worth a try! Overall, would I go again? Probably not, there are much better places to get pizza.

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  • The last time I ate at a CiCi’s was years ago. I keep telling the husbear I’m going to drag him there one day… The dessert pizzas always seemed a little odd to me, since when I went, they made it w/the same dough as the regular pizza.

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