With the casino and the beds, our passengers will have at least two ways to get lucky on one of our flights.”

Richard Branson

This winter with all this snow has given many of us cabin fever. My Mom decided that the best way to cure that was to, obviously, get out of the house and we went to Foxwoods Casino & Mystic, CT. Usually I write about the places I go &  the the food I tried but this self-contained hotel/casino isn’t known for the food. There are restaurants in the casino but the lure of the machines and the lack of money you end up with at the end of the day leave you with eating from the Juniors chain or a mini-cafeteria, neither of which have food to write home about. What I learned on this trip was that when you’re at a slot machine, drinks are free (make sure to give them a nice tip). The atmosphere is clean and welcoming (they do want you to spend all your money there) and it’s very easy to get addicted to machines in one of the three casinos.

While there, we went to see Groovaloo Freestyle, a dance show based on the lives of the performers using hip-hop music. Not only was each and every member of the team extremely talented but they danced to music that I could dance to in my seat. Having done some research on the member of this crew, they’re not joking around. They all have performed professionally either on tours or in movies and TV shows. The show flowed very well together and I still can’t get over how talented each member was! Check their schedule to see when they’re in your area, it’s definitely a show to check out!

Instead of spending a second day at Foxwoods spending more money, we took a trip to nearby Mystic, CT. I can imagine that this place is busy and great during the summer but going to a waterside city in the middle of winter didn’t really give me a feel for what potential Mystic has. We stopped at two places to eat: Li’s Bakery and Mystic Soup. We kind of chanced on Li’s Bakery(15 Holmes Street, Mystic) because we were all hungry and it was on the waterfront.

They were all very nice and helped us find some great soup in the area. All baked goods from here were homemade and we lucked out at finding a great bakery in a place we had no idea where we were. Looking for suggestions? Their red velvet whoopie pie & banana/chocolate chip muffin! After, we headed toward Mystic Soup.

This place was hidden behind an ice cream stand inside what looked like a business building with a hidden door, but we found it. They had two kinds of soup and a lot of different sandwiches. The inside was very minimal but the focus was all on the food, as it should have been. I got the Curried Butternut Squash and Yam with Coconut Milk and Lump Crab and a pollo sandwich that has chicken, bacon, cheese on great bread. The soup was so good I couldn’t stop eating it, we ordered an even bigger portion so we could take some home.

If you ever end up at Foxwoods in the Spring/Summer, take a trip to Mystic and take in the Mystic River air. If it’s hot or not, take a drive over to Mystic Soup and try a bowl! That is, if you walked away from Foxwoods with any money left!

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