“Ideas are like pizza dough, made to be tossed around. “

Anna Quindlen

Though I didn’t get to attend Pizza Wars, in hopes that it is going to happen again next year I wanted to give everyone a heads up on something I didn’t realize.

For those who didn’t know, Pizza Wars happened on February 3rd, 2011 at Proctors in Downtown Schenectady where for $3.00 you could try pizza from various locations in the 518 and then vote on which were your favorites. I figured this not only sounded like a great way to have dinner cheap but to try all the pizza places in the area that tend to go unnoticed. What I didn’t know was, so did everyone else. I didn’t see much advertising for this event so I figured I could walk in, try some pizza cheap and then leave, no problem. What I didn’t realize was that no only was it packed, so was every restaurant in Downtown Schenectady. This was a bigger deal than I imagined!

My friend and I were ready to attend, until we saw the line outside. The line went from the whole inside of Proctors up until almost Aperitivo and apparently the same out the back door as well. Since we figured this line was too long to wait for pizza, we decided to go to Bombers where a table of 4 had a wait of an hour and a half- it seemed as if others had the same idea as we had. Nico’s, next door to Bombers,  is known to have great pizza and was also happy to accommodate those who couldn’t stand in the line with their kids but were craving pizza. I love when local places get business, but it was almost impossible to wait in that line for pizza wars. It was like this outside and filled to capacity inside, I wonder how anyone got to try pizza.

The eventual winner was 5th & 50 Pizzeria in Scotia of best overall pizza. I just hope next year, this is at a bigger venue or over the course of two days so more people could have had the opportunity to try local pizza without having to spend the night waiting in line outside because the inside had reached capacity.

If anyone was able to go to Pizza Wars, I’d love to hear how it was, some of your favorite pizzas and if it was too crowded or not. Comment here and let us know!

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