“It is better to have burnt and lost, then never to have barbecued at all”


EDIT – Rubbin’ Butts is now closed.

I want to start off this blog entry with a disclaimer, I don’t tend to like BBQ food (except for Dinosaur BBQ or homemade) but I decided to check out the new BBQ place Rubbin’ Butts in Union Street in Schenectady. Rubbin Butts originated in Cobleskill but has now opened a new location on Upper Union Street. Open from 11AM-9PM.

I walked in the first day it opened to give it a try and it smelt like a lumber yard, the wood on the walls was new and I smelt it, I assume the smell as declined since then. The point is that they want customers to write a message on the wall in hopes to cover the wall with notes from satisfied customers. I walked in to the one window and ordered a Pulled Pork Texas ($6.75) which was made with Hickory Red BBQ Sauce and a corn muffin ($.95 cents). The sandwich was huge, definitely more meat that I usually put on a sandwich and not enough BBQ sauce for my liking. As I mentioned, BBQ food isn’t my first choice but this was good. I found the meat to be a little dry but I think it may have been because a lot of the sauce was on the bread and I ate the sandwich open faced just because it was just way too much food for me but it was good that I had enough to bring home to make a sandwich for my boyfriend later.

They also offer another type of Pulled Pork, Pulled Pork Carolina which is with Vinegar Sauce instead of BBQ Sauce ($6.45) with the option of coleslaw on top ($6.95). I wish I had seen the Sausage with Peppers and Onions before I ordered my Pulled Pork because that’s more my speed but I guess I’m saving that for next time! They also offer what they call Country Style Plates which adds a cord bread muffin and & side which costs around $8.95. The sides include potato salad, macaroni salad, grits, collard greens, etc.

Overall the food was good but not mouthwatering amazing. I would go again not only because I like to support local businesses but because the food is good. I wouldn’t pick that for lunch everyday but it would surely satisfy my BBQ cravings when they DO come, I would just need to add a bit more sauce next time.


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