“Love, like a chicken salad a restaurant has, must be taken with blind faith or it loses its flavor”

Helen Rowland

Recently, I went to the Log Jam (Rt 9 & Rt 149, Lake George) with my family for some dinner. The menu isn’t too large but because everything sounds so good, I find it overwhelming. For the past two times I went, which happened to be two nights in a row, I took the option of ordering an appetizer with the salad bar for an extra $7.00 and I’ve found that to be the best option for the amount of food I can eat. The first time I went, I had the crab cakes with a side of butternut squash with brown sugar on top. The crab cakes were very good, cooked perfectly and tasted great. The dill sauce on the side complimented the cakes very well and I don’t tend to like the flavor dill. The second time I went, I ordered the ribs. I had a BBQ craving, more so a rib craving and that satisfied it. The ribs didn’t tend to have a lot of meat on them but it was an appetizer so that makes sense. I found mid-way through the ribs that paired with the salad bar, though the ribs didn’t have a lot of meat, I could only eat half of them so it worked out well for me. They were very good and I love their BBQ sauce!

My favorite part of any restaurant, the salad bar, was very good at the Log Jam as well. They had regular lettuce along with lettuce with Caesar dressing.

Sorry for the blur, low restaurant lighting

There are the regular salad fixings including carrots, cheese blocks, onions, shredded cheese, tomatoes, broccoli, etc. There’s also apples in come sort of cream and fantastic pasta salad with tuna. I don’t know what it is about salad bars, either it’s because they’re so convenient or the vegetables are different but each salad I make from each salad bar is different but in the end, they almost always taste fantastic. Don’t forget to cut yourself a piece of bread from the about 5-6 types of bread available.

If you find yourself in the area, this is a great restaurant with that Adirondack feel and you could order anything off the menu, it all looks and smells great and there’s not many restaurants you can say that for.


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