“Writers really live in the mind and in hotels of the soul.”

Edna O’Brien

For my Uncle’s birthday this year, my Mom, Aunt, Uncle and I stayed a few nights at the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Waterpark in Lake George, NY. Even though we only live about an hour away and my Aunt and Uncle live even closer, about 10 mins away, it was a great stay and it made my Uncle happy which made me happy.

The lobby was Adirondack themed with wood panels, couches with Adirondack prints and pictures of bears and etc all around. Since our stay was the end of October, one of the stores was closed, the coffee place in the lobby was closed and the restaurant opened on Friday and our stay was Tuesday-Thursday. We went to our rooms, also Adirondack themed and it was really big. There were two beds with a couch and table with a dividing wall between the two sections. The beds were some type of memory foam that equaled to me sleeping about 12 hours each night, either because I was so comfortable or exhausted from the work week. I don’t know which it was but I think I can safely assume a lot of it had to do with the bed. My only recommendation is to bring your own pillow, each bed is given two pillows but they’re really puffy, almost to the point where they were really uncomfortable.

The first night, my Mom and I went to the fitness room in the hotel on the third floor. The hotel is only 4 floors high so no matter where you’re staying, you’re close. It had 3 treadmills, 2 recumbent bikes, weights of various sizes, a few mats and a small decline bench but the decline nor height of the bench can’t be adjusted at all. They also have a water cooler and towels for your use as well as a large flat screen TV. Though small, no one else was in there so my mother and I were able to work out in private.

Also available in the hotel was a spa called Serenity at the Lodge. My Aunt, Uncle and I each had massages and my mother got a facial. We got the “Escape” massage which they describe on their website as a “full body massage using long strokes with a combination of kneading techniques. This treatment helps soothe and relax tired muscles and enhances circulation” for 25mins. I added in the moist heat pack treatment, “Excellent therapy for treating muscular tension and spasms.  The moist heat dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow to treated areas” since I was having leg trouble. While he was working on my back, the moist heat pack was on my legs and when he began to work on my legs, he moved the moist heat pack to my back. My massage therapist was very knowledgeable in the body. Before the treatment, you must fill out a small questionnaire about body troubles, etc and since I wrote down that my leg was bothering me he gave me some stretches to do to help alleviate the pain.

Next, the most well-known part of the hotel, we went to White Water Bay, the water park. Passes to the park are free with a room at the hotel, or you can purchase tickets online. A half day AM pass & half day PM pass are both $27.00 each, plus tax and a full day pass is $37.00, plus tax. The water park closes from 1PM-2PM each day so the AM, I assume is before that and the PM is for after that. On top of everything is a kid’s park like a mini Splashwater Kingdom, with the bucket to dump water as well but that’s separate from everything else. Though it’s made for kids, don’t hide the kid in you. There is no age restriction and that’s where you can find the smaller slides to use if the big ones make you nervous. There is also a lazy river where you can grab a tube and just ride the waves, with a few splashes along the way with no limit so if you liked it the first time, just keep riding through. Also under the kid’s playground up top is a jacuzzi which is rather large. There is a section with bubbles and a section without bubbles depending on which you prefer. My favorite part of the water park was the river rapids slide. This ride holds up to 4 people and you walk up a bunch of stairs to the top to get onto this river rapids boat and go down this slide completely in the dark. It lasts about a minute and there’s no splashing or worry that you’re going to fall out of the boat, it’s a lot of fun, even if you don’t normally like those types of slides. For the younger kids is a toddler section with a small swing and small slide and next to that is a surfing and boogie board ride. The water pushes at you and you boogie board or surf in one place, it was pretty cool looking but I didn’t get to try it.

Down by White Water Bay is a small food place where you can buy pizza, hot dogs, nachos, etc that kind of food or you can take a small walk down the hallway to Johnny Rockets which is attached to the hotel. We went to Johnny Rockets for breakfast every morning because it’s cheap, good, and very convenient. Also attached is Johnny Rockets’ sports bar which we didn’t have a chance to take advantage of but it was really nice looking.

Even if you live in driving distance to this hotel, it was fun to take a break for a few days and pretend we were on vacation. Not just for this hotel but if you’re looking to shake things up, stay in a nice hotel by your house. You’ll be able to feel like you’re on vacation without having to spend all that money nor does it involve all the travel stress or heavy packing. I at least recommend the water park. The weather is getting colder and during the week the park isn’t busy at all, we had most of it to ourselves. Though I don’t know what it’s like on the weekend but I can’t imagine it’s as busy as the summer crowd.


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