REVIEW: Hana, Albany [PHOTOS]


REVIEW: Hana, Albany [PHOTOS]


I love hibachi. What’s more fun than not only NOT having to cook dinner but to be able to watch it being cooked for you and with a show! A new hibachi place I just recently tried out was Hana (1620 Western Ave). My boyfriend and I sat at a table with two other groups of people, a party of 3 and a party of 4 with us in the middle. To start we ordered drinks and I saw something called Japanese Marble Soda that I’d never heard before and therefore had to try. The soda arrived in a funny bottle and the waitress showed me how to open it. It comes with a little tool to pop the marble down into a section of the bottle to hold it. It’s hard to explain but the marble is in the bottle so no worries you can’t swallow it.

As for the food, fantastic. The hibachi chef puts on a little show with the food showing his skills balancing an egg and flipping food into our mouths. There’s a whole menu of food to order but I found the best deal to be picking any two proteins and it comes with a starch. I decided on salmon and steak on rice (noodles are also available) with a side of vegetables. He cooked them beautifully. He asked right at the start how I’d like my steak and cooked it to the perfect medium. I really didn’t notice the other people at our table, I felt that I was sitting at a private table with my boyfriend so it was good for our date. They also give two different types of sauce to dunk in though I don’t know what they were, they were tasty. Everything tasted good and though it was a bit pricey, it was worth it. If I could afford to eat here more often, I would but it was a good place to eat for a special occasion or just a special food related treat. Yumm!

**Edit, based on questions in the comments: As per most restaurants, there are cheaper options on the menu but this meal, the hibachi combination (2 meats, shrimp, vegetables & starch) was $25 and 3 meats for $35. Plus side, my two meats were salmon and steak so you can make a good deal out of the $25 and it’s enough food, at least for me, for dinner. You can add a garden salad for $2 and a miso soup for $1 among other things for under $5. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, I recommend eating during lunch time and taking advantage of their lunch specials from 11am-3pm. Hope this helps! Any other questions are always welcome on the Facebook page or comments section and I’ll answer them as soon as I can!

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Hana, Albany [PHOTOS]”

  • Had to read this; a couple of us girls from work were thinking about this place for our coworkers birthday. Thanks for the review; only thing I’m still curious about is how much is the eventual cost? After drinks and such?

  • I didn’t go to the bar or get drinks so I’m sorry I can’t tell you the prices of that. My boyfriend and I each had a hibachi combination which is the choice of two meats for $25 and that comes with some shrimp, vegetables and your choice of starch (rice/noodles), definitely enough food. He added soup for $1 and I added a salad for $2. So our particular meal was pretty pricey but there were cheaper items on the menu than what we ordered and the lunch special is even cheaper still. Hope that helps! Let me know what you decided to eat if you do decide to go!

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