“The average Hollywood film star’s ambition is to be admired by an American, courted by an Italian, married to an Englishman and have a French boyfriend. “

Katharine Hepburn

After living in NYC, I still do visit as often as I can and even though I hate Times Square, I tend to always find myself there. This past week, my Mom and I went down to the city to see the King Tut exhibit at the Discovery Channel theater in Times Square. Exhibits that I find myself most interested take the longest because I’m so engrossed in reading everything and taking it all in. The website said that this exhibit is supposed to take 3 hours where my mother and I were there for 5. Most people finish the exhibit with the film that’s free with admission but since our first stop was looking for the bathroom, we decided to watch the movie first and I think that was the best decision because though the movie had nothing to do with King Tut but the older Pharaohs of Egypt, it still put us in the mood for what we were going to see. I found the exhibit to be really interesting. It was just a collection of items found by Howard Carter and crew when the tomb was found so if this period of Ancient History doesn’t interest you, I would recommend going to see it anyway to see how you feel after real pieces of history are right in front of you. Chairs that King Tut sat in, canopic jars that once held his organs and a life-size replica of the mummy (the real mummy has not and will never leave Egypt).

After the exhibit, we were obviously hungry. We also spent extra time in the gift shop looking at all of the Egyptian goodies. Since we were already in Times Square and had a train to catch, we decided to eat at Planet Hollywood (after we found that Hard Rock’s restaurant was closed thanks to a private Pepsi party). I love looking around the restaurant to see what new movie props were added and seeing how big celebrity’s hands are in comparison to mine while listening to Top 40 songs organized by a DJ (Menu for NYC location can be found HERE).

One of my favorite sandwiches there is the Chicken Avocado & Swiss which is just what it sounds like and it comes with fries. I usually can’t finish the whole sandwich and if I do, my stomach hates me for the rest of the day but the taste is worth it. They don’t skimp on the avocado, there are huge chunks sliced on top of a great tasting chicken breast. The chicken isn’t seasoned or marinated in anything, just a plain chicken breast. The sandwich gets it’s flavor from the avocado and mayo that’s given on the side with the texture of a moist piece of chicken. If you’re looking for something relatively healthy ( or seems healthy) try this!

Make sure you have your camera ready to see all the different movie props they have from various years, they encourage patrons to walk around and take a look at everything so don’t feel shy, go for it!


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