Where to Go Apple Picking in Clifton Park [PHOTOS]

Where to Go Apple Picking in Clifton Park [PHOTOS]

One of my favorite fall time activities is apple picking but since being away at school the past 4 years I haven’t been able to so my goal this fall was to make sure I got to partake in every Fall activity that I’ve missed over the past years. I had no idea which orchard to go to, I’ve heard a few names thrown around but I didn’t know what each offered, which was the best, etc. I looked up online some names of orchards to visit and I found that there were 3 in the same neighborhood so that seemed to be the best option. Just in case my boyfriend and I didn’t like one of them, there were two others to try out.

We started out on Riverview Rd meaning to head to Bowman Orchards but my boyfriend missed the turn so we first stopped at Riverview Orchards (660 Riverview Rd, Rexford). I didn’t see a sign for pick your own apples it was mostly a store where you could buy any type of apple you want along with other assorted vegetables. There’s a small place to sit and eat cider donuts and whatever other fall treats you may want along with a place where you can watch the donuts being made. Outside there’s a very small& very short corn maze for the very little kids no higher than their waist. I decided to grab a cider donut and it was very good. It was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, perfect consistency. I found though that it didn’t really have its own special flavor, it just tasted like a plain donut.

Next, we went to Bowman Orchards (141 Sugar Hill Rd, Rexford) and ran into some traffic getting in. The wait wasn’t very long, maybe 15-20 but once we got through the entrance everything else moved very quickly. You can either pay 25 cents for one of their plastic bags or bring your own. When you arrive, they hand you a map of the area along with the list of apples you’re allowed to pick that day, apples & tomatoes are $.99lb and pumpkins $.52lb. If you’re looking for Red Delicious, good luck! When we went, they were all picked. The apples were easy to find thanks to the map and number/letter system. I had such a great time, it was like an Easter egg hunt for adults in the middle of fall! They also offer Pony Rides $3, Hay Rides $3, Playland with animals you can pet and feed $3, Peddle carts $3 and apple cannon $1. As for food, don’t worry on being hungry during your apple adventures! They have tons of food to buy along with plenty of sweets. I also tried a cider donut from here along with cider donut ice cream (the fudge was really tempting). I liked this cider donut better because it had sugar on it unlike Riverview and had a stronger cidery flavor. The cider donut ice cream is definitely worth it! The line to get into the treats building took about 5-10mins but it was worth it for that ice cream. Not only was the ice cream flavorful (which I think was cinnamon flavored) but the pieces of cider donut right inside made me wish I got a bigger size. If you intend on sharing this, get the medium size!


After we paid for our apples, we went on to check out the last orchard on our way to get a pumpkin. Lindsey’s Orchard (267 Sugar Hill Rd, Rexford) also offered pick your own apples and though smaller than Bowman, it was less crowded and still a good size. I decided to get a cider donut from here to finish off my cider donut tour of Rexford and I liked this one as well, it was kind of a mix of the other two. Though it didn’t have sugar like Riverview, it was sweet like Bowman’s but my favorite was still Bowman’s. Jim and I found the perfect pumpkin and will be carving it closer to Halloween (& making pumpkin seeds!). Though this was smaller, if you’re going to Bowman, this is worth a stop. If any of the apples you wanted to pick aren’t available at Bowman, you can buy them already bagged or see if they’re available here. Make sure you purchase a glass of hot apple cider for $1.00, a good portion size, at a good price and a great flavor!

Me & Our Pumpkin

Happy Fall!

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