“The perfect lover is one who turns into a pizza at 4:00 a.m.”

Charles Pierce

I’ve been eating pizza from Homestyle since I could remember, it was always our go-to pizza place in Schenectady. Even after it moved I have ordered food to-go as mentioned in a previous blog entry but never eaten in the actual restaurant. This past weekend I decided to give it a try with my boyfriend. I figured that I liked their food so what can be so different between sitting down and taking it to go. The menu was huge, there was a lot to choose from. The prices were all pretty reasonable so don’t look to that for a way to narrow it down. I ended up deciding on getting an individual pizza with peppers, olives, mushrooms and white cheese. I love onions so I figured I’d add those but they came at a pretty steep price of $1.00 for a dusting of onion on my pizza.

We first got rolls which were fantastic. They came to the table warm and with melted butter- I could’ve eaten that for dinner! The food came out really fast which was good because I was starving but after that we didn’t see much from our waitress. Both Jim and my waters were empty and she never came back to refill them. The only times she checked on us was right after our food came out and I didn’t have a chance to take a bite yet. This doesn’t go for all waitresses there but it seemed that since we went at a less busy time (around 5:00PM) that the waitresses didn’t want to hound us which I did appreciate.

The pizza was really tasty. Nothing stayed on the pizza, almost all of it fell off with each bite but isn’t food more fun when it’s messy? I ate half of it and saved the other half for the next day and it still tasted just as good. My personal taste buds wouldn’t have minded if it had garlic of some kind on it but it was good. I was eyeing a salmon burger when I was making my decision and I think that may be my choice next time.  The pizza was great but it wasn’t anything spectacular, just pizza. Next time I want to try another type of Italian food they offer to compare that to other places in the area. The pizza was good but if I want pizza, I’m going to I Love NY Pizza across the street. Sorry, Homestyle but no worries, I’ll be back for your sandwiches and paninis because they’re VERY good.

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