“Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out”

Martin Scorsese

Inside of Aimie’s

While I’m watching a movie, I find myself looking for something to snack on. I have it in my brain that I need to eat while I’m at the movies. Usually it’s popcorn or candy or something else awful for my waistline but luckily, that’s not the case at Aimie’s Dinner and Movie (190-194 Glen St, Glens Falls). At Aimie’s, you order your food before the movie starts, while you can still see the menu and they serve you the food shortly after the movie starts.

There is a $5.50 per person charge for the movie before any dinner is ordered ($4.50 for seniors and children) and you must eat/drink  at least $7.50 per person and an 18% gratuity is added to parties of 6 or more. I recommend either calling and making a reservation or showing up at least a half hour early and put your name in for a table, there isn’t that many in the theater so they fill up fast. Reservation information can be found on their website.

I went with my family and we saw the movie The Other Guys with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. It was my second time seeing that movie but it was still funny the second time, maybe even funnier! I found these booths to be more comfortable than a regular movie seat, probably because they assume you need to be more comfortable to eat than if you were just watching the movie. They have smaller tables for a couple and bigger tables for bigger parties so they will accommodate.

Each of the entrees have a movie themed name such as “St. Elmo’s Fire Fra Diavlo” and “Sonny Corleone’s Scampi.” To start, my uncle ordered “Pedro’s Poppers” that he kindly let me taste. Their website describes them as “Delicious cheese filled jalapeno peppers, coated with breading and cooked golden brown. Served you way with a side of Salsa or Ranch. Vote For Pedro!” Sometimes these poppers tend to be too much cheese, not even pepper but that wasn’t the case with Pedro’s. I could taste both the cheese and the pepper and it was delicious. These are dangerous, though, one bite leaves you wanting more!

For an entrée, I ordered chicken flavored with lemon and spices with hollandaise sauce that I asked for on the side (I didn’t see the description listed on their menu online). I only put a little bit of sauce on the chicken since it was flavorful without it. The moistness was good, a little dry but it’s usually prepared with the sauce on it so that was to be expected and the seasoning was very good. The French fries weren’t anything special, just fries that I doused in ketchup.

The waitresses weren’t distracting from the movie at all if that was a worry of yours. The food is brought out early into the movie so you can eat it at your own pace and sit and enjoy the movie. There are many places in that area to go after the movie is over. My family and I went to The Chocolate Mill ( 164 Glen St) and picked up some rather affordable treats. I had a mini s’more which was a toasted marshmallow, chocolate and a piece of graham cracker on a lolly-pop stick, there is also a non-toasted option. My Mom and I each got one and ate them the next day and they lasted, they still tasted awesome. We spent some time in there staring at all of the cakes and cookies. The cookies, I had some of the oatmeal raisin, are a perfect size and taste fantastic. That is an easy area to spend a night for a date with a significant other, a potential significant other or just friends. Keep it in mind when you’re making plans!

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