“I will not eat oysters. I want my food dead. Not sick, not wounded: dead.”

Woody Allen

EDIT- Nikko’s Hibachi has closed.

I don’t know about any of you but I’ve wanted to go to Nikko’s Hibachi/Buffet since it opened on 1893 Central Ave, Colonie. The price for dinner is pretty steep but I eventually gave in and went with my friend Maggie for dinner and it was fantastic.

You have the option of paying for hibachi or the buffet but if you get hibachi (which is located in a separate back room behind the buffet) you can add the buffet to your meal for just $5. In total with tax and a small tip, we each paid $25 for just the buffet which is worth it for all the seafood you’re offered.

On the first wall of the square pattern, when you first walk in, is a selection of various caviars like wasabi caviar for example, seaweed salad (which I highly recommend if you’ve never tried it) in a small dish, wasabi, ginger, sliced fish on ice (such as red crab, salmon, yellowtail, etc) and clams on oysters on the half shell. Behind you is two rice cookers, one filled with fried rice and one with white rice along with miso soup.

On the second wall of the square pattern (to the left) is sushi. I couldn’t name for you all the various types of sushi but some include a “Green River Roll” (avocado), california rolls, Philly Roll (salmon/cream cheese), dragon roll (eel/avocado rolled in rice, avocado and salmon), etc. Next to that is a selection of fish on rice: eel, squid, tuna, salmon, etc. Next to that are two soups, Udon and another in which I didn’t recognize. After that, was chicken skewers, dumplings and shrimp shumai. The dumplimgs were good but even after tasting it I couldn’t tell you if it was pork or chicken (I assume pork). One thing I was worried about was that the sushi was going to taste like it had sat there and that wasn’t the case, it was very fresh. The sushi makers are in the middle of the buffet box so if you have any questions, feel free to ask them as they make the sushi rolls.

The the third wall, in the back of the restaurant is  the dessert area. There they have little cakes (the brown one is coffee NOT chocolate, don’t make the same mistake I did if you’re not a coffee fan), elephant ear cookies, macaroons, a cream filled pastry, etc. The cookies were fantastic, as you can see, I grabbed 3 of them because I just couldn’t get enough! Also, the cream filled pasty was phenomenal so take one of those to try too! Don’t fill up too much on dessert here, after dinner you have the option of Green Tea, Strawberry and Red Bean Ice Cream so make sure you save room!

The last wall seemed like the miscellaneous section. Food over here included BBQ Calamari which I don’t recommend. That was the only thing on this buffet that I disliked. I was unable to break through it with my teeth, it was like rubber with BBQ sauce on it. I also had the crab legs, which were good but I was very frustrated with getting the meat out so I gave up. A favorite of mine was the Garlic Ginger Lobster, I just wish I saw that when I wasn’t so full so I could’ve had more. Next to that is Cesar salad, seafood salad and various fruits like pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, edamame and tomatoes.

I was surprised by how busy it wasn’t, but I went at 7:00pm on a Wednesday so that could be the reason. My friend Maggie, who I went with, who had been there before, said that she’s never seen it that empty. I was worried about the price being too steep but I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth. There is so much food to choose from and it was all very good. The best part of a buffet is that you can try anything you want, even if you don’t think you’ll like it or you’re scared of Japanese food. If you’re unsure, lunch time is around $12.00 but there isn’t any lobster available. So if you’re worried, try it for lunch before you dig into your wallet for dinner. Next time- Hibachi for sure!

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