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I’m glad that I get to write a few blog entries on some very well-known chain restaurants because since these aren’t just in the 518 and you’re someone who’s scared of trying new foods, places like Applebees, Ruby Tuesday’s and in this case TGIFriday‘s are right up your alley (1475 Western Ave, Albany- Stuyvesant Plaza).

I like eating at chain restaurants not only because for everyone, the looking through the menu time is shorter but because they’re informal dining places where you can get great food for a not so great cost. This visit I ordered the Dragonfire Salmon (this is also offered for a few dollars cheaper in a Dragonfire Chicken option if seafood isn’t your thing). The menu describes this as “Norwegian salmon fillet fire-grilled and glazed with spicy Chinese Kung Pao sauce. Served over jasmine rice with pineapple pico de gallo, Mandarin oranges and broccoli.”

*I’m sorry for the somewhat blurry picture, I was on a double date and I didn’t want to be rude by taking out my cell phone so I tried to snap the picture quick.

You can see the beautiful colors of the pico de gallo and the jasmine rice with mandarin oranges. I like spicy food so this wasn’t too bad but if you don’t want a burn with each bite I recommend getting something else. I figured the pineapple in the pico de gallo would tone down the spice but I was wrong. There weren’t many pieces of pineapple and they were teeny tiny so I didn’t remember that there was pineapple in there until someone at the table reminded me and I had to go looking for it. The broccoli were beautifully cooked. I love that these chain restaurants (at least the few I have experienced) know how to cook their broccoli. The rice was also cooked well and was still hotter than room temperature when it got to the table. The salmon was good too, there wasn’t as strong as a fishy taste as I expected, it seemed to be mellowed out by the pico de gallo.

For dessert, I didn’t order anything personally but the other couple shared a piece of Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. For the price they paid, the slice of pie was rather small. For future reference, unless you’re really full, good luck sharing that piece of pie. The price may be steep but it’s going to leave you wishing you ordered a personal slice for each person instead.

The service was quick and very attentive. For a Friday night, I was surprised that we were able to get a table right away. They didn’t mind that we sat there for a while after we were done eating, it was almost closing time before we left and I didn’t feel as if we were being pushed out at all. After we paid the bill, the waitress left us alone, filling up water glasses if necessary. All in all I say it was a good meal.

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