REVIEW: Gershon’s Deli & Caterers [PHOTOS]

REVIEW: Gershon’s Deli & Caterers [PHOTOS]

I’ve lived in my house for almost my entire life in walking distance of upper Union Street and in walking distance of probably my favorite deli, Gershon’s (1600 Union Street, Schenectady).

Photo Credit: Gershon’s Website

Not only can you buy the best deli products around but it’s a great restaurant as well. If you plan on sitting inside, just head to the back where a waitress will be right with you. If it’s a beautiful day outside, you may want to eat on the patio. Pick up a drink from one of the coolers and go right to the cash register to order and pay for your sandwich and whatever sides you may want with your meal. Then, go pick a seat in the sun or under an umbrella and your food will be out shortly.

I decided to order a BLT (one of my favorites). You have the option of white or wheat bread, I decided on wheat. For around $7 I got a sandwich, bottle of Snapple, a pickle and a bag of chips, can’t beat that! The sandwich was fantastic! I had the perfect amount of everything on the BLT. My friend Katie however ordered a turkey sandwich and boy did they not hold back on that turkey. She had enough extra Turkey there to make another sandwich, so for about $8 you have enough for 2 if you decided to save the meat or if that’s just how you like it, what a deal!. (All sandwiches come with a pickle but not all of them come with chips) They make all sandwiches on the spot so you’re able to tell them just how you like it.

* NOTE-If you live closer to Upper Union Street than you do to Jay St and love Perreca’s Bakery Italian bread, then you’re in luck, they sell it at Gershon’s!

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