“Although I cannot lay an egg, I am a very good judge of omelettes”

George Bernard Shaw

I love Perreca’s pizza. Love may be an understatement, but you get the point (read my previous blog entry on their fantastic pizza).When I heard that they were opening up a restaurant next door, More Perrecas, I was excited to try it out.

Sunday is a busy day in Downtown Schenectady. On Jay St by City Hall is the Farmer’s Market (10am-2pm) and it is packed with people as well as fresh fruit and vegetables to the sounds of local music. After riding my bike down to check out the market, I rode over to Perrecas to have some breakfast. Luckily all they serve on Saturday and Sunday is breakfast so I was in luck regardless of what time I showed up!

I ordered an egg and cheese panini. I wanted freshly squeezed orange juice but they didn’t have any oranges when I was there but the squeezing machine looked intense so when they do have oranges, the juice is going to be delicious. So instead I grabbed a can of pineapples juice. My total was about $5, not bad for a filling breakfast, right?

The bread was thick, crusty Italian bread- fantastic! The egg was cooked perfectly but my taste buds were more focused on the tasty bread surrounding the egg and cheese.

When you show up to the restaurant, go to the counter and order what you want and they’ll give you a number and then you go sit down and a waitress will bring you your food. I wanted to sit outside so I let the cashier know that so she took down my number so they’d know where to find me.

Everyone was sweet and the food was great! Perrecas bakery isn’t open on Sundays so if you were craving one of their tasty cupcakes, don’t worry! More Perrecas sells them too!

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