“You can find your way across this country using burger joints the way a navigator uses stars.”

Charles Kuralt

Check my previous blog entry on Shake Shack in Madison Square Park in New York City.

These past couple of weeks have been beautiful and therefore perfect weather for the track and furthermore Shake Shack! My Mom and I go to Shake Shack when we’re in NYC so when I heard it was coming to the Saratoga Race Track I was itching to go. This past week was the first I had been to the track this year and it was a perfect day for it.

Post time is almost always 1pm and costs $3 to get in and around $5-10 for parking. My recommendation is to either get there around noon or better yet, wait until the 3-4 race for traffic to pass and it’s easier to find a parking spot when you’re not competing with everyone. A small program is $2.50 and a large program including past horse experience is $3.50 but usually the local papers have a list of all the horses racing if that’s what you’re looking for.  Most people wait until they saw the horses and jockeys head to the course before they place their bet so around 3-1 MTP or minutes to post is when it’s going to be the most busy. You can bet as little as $1 on each horse so if you want to bet on a long shot for fun, bet a $1 and maybe you’ll win!

Before you place a bet, make sure you know what types of bets are possible. If you just want to bet on one horse to win, you just bet on it To Win. An Exacta is when you bet on two horses and they have to come in exactly that way. If you’re doing that and only betting a dollar, you might as well bet the other way too. For example, if you’re betting 4/5 exacta, you might as well bet 5/4 just in case it comes in that way exactly, also known as an ExactaBox. You can also bet for a horse to Place meaning that you’ll win as long as the horse comes in first or second or the horse can Show meaning that you’ll win if it comes in first, second or third. (You’ll win more with the Exacta) There are also other options to betting and I recommend looking up all these and more betting terms beforehand or bet when there’s quite a bit of time until post (15-13) because if you spend a lot of time up there, the serious betters get angry. When you hear the trumpet, go out and watch them run. It’s a lot of fun to scream for a horse to win even if you didn’t bet! I bet $1 on a horse the second race we were there and won $9.60 so anything’s possible! (My Mom and I usually base who we’re betting on, on the names, we don’t know much about horse racing stats).

Now for my favorite part, Shake Shack! The menu is a lot smaller than the place in NYC and the line is surely shorter too. We waited in line about 5 mins and right as we were paying our burgers and shakes were ready. My NYC friends reading this are probably thinking “No Way” since in NYC I’m used to waiting about 45 mins in line and another 20 mins for the food to be ready.

I ordered a Shack Burger which was a fantastic burger with lettuce, cheese and their special Shack Sauce which was tasty enough for the burger that I didn’t need any ketchup. My Mom ordered a Black & White shake (Chocolate/Vanilla) and I ordered Strawberry. I love their shakes and around the restaurant are seats to sit and eat at which are few and far between in Saratoga. Shake Shack uses Potato buns which they pride themselves on. I know I write a lot about good food on here but if you don’t listen to me for anything else TRY SHAKE SHACK. The burgers are so moist and so wonderful I can’t even describe it without my mouth-watering.


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