REVIEW: Lakeside Farms, Ballston Lake [PHOTOS]

REVIEW: Lakeside Farms, Ballston Lake [PHOTOS]

You know Lakeside Farms (336 Schauber Rd, Ballston Lake) in a from the tasty Apple Cider Donuts they sell but this entry is about what they offer for an eat-in lunch. 

My Mom, Grandma and I went for a late Sunday lunch and I was impressed by how crowded it was. I don’t know if Sunday is just the day to go to Lakeside Farms or because it was such a beautiful day outside. Either way, it was perfect, and we ended up running into multiple members of our family by chance.

From the outside, you don’t realize how large the place is. The front is similar to a general store that sells candy, vegetables, fruit, bakery items, ice cream, meat, etc. You order and pay for your food by where they sell the baked goods, then sit at a table until you hear your number called and your food is ready. My Grandmother and I both ordered hot dogs with meat sauce, mustard and onions along with onion rings. My Mother ordered half of a sandwich that came with a bag of chips and sweet potato fries.

The hot dog was really good but the meat sauce wasn’t anything special. The meat was more like hamburger than a sauce, which I didn’t mind, it’s just not what I was expecting. It was as if I was eating the not sloppy part of the meat of a sloppy joe atop my hot dog. The onion rings weren’t very tasteful, I ended up just eating the onions out of the onion rings because they tasted better that way. My Grandmother enjoyed them so I think that was just my personal taste.

The sweet potato fries were really good, I ate the rest of them the next day and they were still very tasty. I didn’t try my Mother’s sandwich so I don’t know how it was but I liked that they had a half of a sandwich option so you could order that and not have to worry about carrying the rest around with you. Overall the food was very good, I’ve only eaten there a handful of times and it feels like you’re eating at home but someone made the food for you. The room is very homey, decorated with objects you can buy but knickknacks like those you’d find at a grandparents house.  Sadly, after that meal, I wasn’t hungry anymore but when you go to eat there, try to leave room for a cider donut.


My Grandma

Eating is always more enjoyable with a smiling face 🙂

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