“Every great film should seem new every time you see it.”

Roger Ebert

One of my favorite summer memories as a kid was going to the Malta Drive-In Theater (2785 U.S. 9, Ballston Spa). This past weekend I went again to see Despicable Me and Dinner for Schmucks and I still find it to be one of the sure signs of summer, even though most times I can’t leave without a few mosquito bites. $8.00 a person for two movies is cheaper than seeing a movie at the theater and I find it to be a more enjoyable experience anyway. Vans and SUVs must park next to yellow poles while other cars park next to silver poles. My Mom and I showed up at 7:30pm-8:00pm and had our pick of where to go, closer to 9:00pm the lot got full really quickly.

*TIP* For screen 1, you have the option of listening to the movie on your car radio or use one of the speakers they provide in your car but for SCREEN 2, there are no speakers so you must use a radio. I recommend bringing your own radio so your car will start when the movies are over. Radios can be rented at the concession stand for $5 but you must leave your license and return it after the end of the films. They also have a box to restart your car in case it does die on you.

My Mom and I didn’t eat lunch before we went so we took advantage of the concession stand and got hamburgers. The hamburger/cheeseburger we ordered were rather dry. I remember them tasting a lot better when I was younger but this time, they were dry and I found myself pouring ketchup all over my hamburger. My Mom’s cheeseburger was a bit better but still dryer than I wanted. The french fries were tasty but also nothing very fantastic. My recommendation, eat dinner before you arrive and buy snacks and popcorn when you’re there if you’re still hungry. They also offer personal pan pizza but I’ve never tasted those before.

My favorite part of the drive-in? My dog gets to watch the movie with us! Make sure you bring a leash and check beforehand at the drive-in to make sure they allow animals, but the Malta Drive-In does! *First time Drive-In goer? Click HERE for some first-time tips!


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