“Govern a great nation as you would cook a small fish. Do not overdo it.”

Lao Tzu

I don’t rule out chain restaurants when I write my blogs because even though they try to streamline things restaurant to restaurant, I find that the food is different between them. Though, I’m a strong advocate of eating in small businesses for economic reasons I do like to have chain food such as McDonalds, Paneras or in this case Ruby Tuesday, sometime. Last week, I went to Ruby Tuesday with my Mom (on a Tuesday too!) for a cheaper, still tasty meal (416 Balltown Road, Niskayuna).

*TIP* Tuesday happens to be their Steak & Lobster special day for $13.99, so if you’re looking for the usually expensive items at a more manageable price, Tuesday is your day!

My favorite part of Ruby Tuesday is the salad bar. With every dinner, the salad bar is $2.99 extra and very worth it. I’m always surprised by how fresh everything is and what they can offer. I don’t think I’ve ever had dinner there without adding the small price of a salad bar, it’s worth it! On top of various lettuces and spinach, there are fresh, bright vegetables and different kinds of macaroni salad like apple walnut or broccoli and cheese. Located at the front of the restaurant makes it so hard to pass up when you’re thinking about what to order. Paired, in the picture, with my salad is a pink Strawberry Sangria. The waitress recommended the Strawberry (instead of red or white- all for $5) and it was very tasty. The wine taste was noticeable but the strawberry flavor hid it better than a normal red or white sangria usually does. So, if you’re not a fan of the wine taste but still want a sangria, I recommend the Strawberry.

For dinner, my mom and I were both thinking fish. I ordered the Herb Encrusted Tilapia described in the menu as “tender, mild tilapia crusted with panko garlic bread crumbs topped with lemon-butter sauce. With fresh, steamed broccoli and brown-rice pilaf.” I really enjoyed the fish. I didn’t notice that the panko was garlic flavored when I was eating it but the other herbs were very strong and paired nicely with the lemon sauce. The broccoli at Ruby Tuesday is always impressive, cooked perfectly every time. It’s like it just falls apart in your mouth with such a rich flavor, makes my mouth water. The brown-rice pilaf was good but the cheese on top wasn’t so much. I felt that the cheese didn’t really taste like anything but got in the way of the taste of the pilaf. Next time, I’d either order it without the cheese or just ask for more broccoli instead!

My mother ordered the trout and neither one of us was really impressed. The fish itself was dry, no sauces included. Added to the lemon sauce from my tilapia it wasn’t too bad. I think recooked with some sort of lemon sauce would have made it better. If you’re really craving trout though, expect to wrap it up and make it taste better at home later.

*TIP* I just read an article online from Readers Digest about “Things a Waitress Will Never Tell You” and found it be really informative- CHECK IT OUT


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