“It’s the smiling on the package, It’s the faces in the sand, It’s the thought that moves you upwards, Embracing me with two hands”


Thanks to Step Up Presents and their twitter account, I won free tickets to Interpol’s latest show in the 518 at Northern Lights (normally priced $30). Step Up Presents is a publicity company for entertainment in the 518. The night before the concert, they advertised a contest on their twitter for the first 2 people to respond with an opening act of the show, won tickets to go- I won!

Interpol is a band who originated in NYC in 1997, look to their MySpace for music samples. One of the opening bands, Twin Tigers, originates from Athens, Georgia and started in 2007, they also have a sampling of music on their MySpace.

Jim and I made it right as Twin Tigers began, Id never heard of them before but they were pretty good. The sound at Northern Lights is notorious for being awful, either because of acoustics or whatever. It’s hard to judge the lyrics of the song when I could barely hear what the lead singer was saying most of the time. It also seemed as if the crowd enjoyed their music as well.

After they played a few songs, it was time for Interpol to start. Interpol is one of those bands to me where I don’t need to know every word to every song and I still enjoy going to their concerts and listening to their music. Before I went, I was wondering how this concert was going to go. The only concerts I’ve been to recently were metal shows so I’m used to mosh pits and people jumping and punching around. Interpol is indie music, easy rock, not mosh pit music. It oddly wasn’t bad just standing and listening to music but after a while I wanted to sit down. I give Interpol credit, they came back for an encore and I usually expect 1-2 songs but they continued for another 45mins.

I can’t really write a review on the music because you have to listen to it for yourself and make your own opinions but I love Interpol and suggest that you give the band a listen. As for the concert experience, I enjoyed it. I love being surrounded by people who love music, it’s such a great energy. Northern Lights may be far away and may not be the most comfortable place to see a show but what keep me coming back is the more intimate feeling you get more so than SPAC or the TU Center. If your favorite band is coming to Northern Lights, there’s a very good chance that you’re not only going to be able to make out their faces on stage but get up to the stage and see them firsthand.

Just a warning, bring earplugs if you don’t want your ears ringing for the next two days because otherwise they will.

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  • My brother recommended I might like this website. He was entirely right. This post actually made my day. Thanks!

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