REVIEW: Mr B’s Best, Queensbury [PHOTOS]


REVIEW: Mr B’s Best, Queensbury [PHOTOS]


Those of us who grew up in the 518 have at least been to the Great Escape once (I should hope). What’s summer without some hours spent in Splashwater Kingdom, riding the comet over and over again and trying to tell yourself that you don’t NEED those Dippin’ Dots? I became a season pass holder this year after years of not going because of college and getting lost in my seemingly short summer vacations. I went to the Great Escape for the first time in a few years a few weeks ago and I figured prices were going to be higher but goodness, have they increased!

I didn’t want to spend all of my money eating at Great Escape. Those Dippin’ Dots that I eventually gave in to cost about $5.50 and the food was even more ridiculous. What most people visiting the Great Escape don’t realize is that there is great food surrounding the area that are reasonably priced! Though I’m only going to focus on two (for now, at least) I recommend exploring the area for great food at a lower price so you can focus your money in the park playing games (and falling victim to those tasty Dippin’ Dots).

First, a memory of my childhood, is Mr B’s Best Roast Beef (833 State Route 9 Queensbury, NY 12804) just a 5 min drive from the Great Escape. They offer a large menu of roast beef sandwiches, various subs, soups but if there is one thing you CAN’T walk away from Mr. B’s without trying are the Potato Nuggets.

Those of you who tend to shy away from roast beef in your diet, don’t fret and try their chicken, veggie subs, turkey subs and I can’t mention enough, potato nuggets. Also, if you’re on the run after a long day at the Great Escape they have a drive-thru so no need to have the kids pile in and out of the car after a long tiring day!

The last time I went to Mr B’s I ordered a regular Best Beef hot sandwich. The difference between the Best Beef and the Beef Supreme is the lettuce and tomato. That, even with a small potato nuggets left me still hungry. The beef is fantastic. The perfect mixture of dry beef with a bit of moisture. I had no need to add condiments to the sandwich itself but I do wish I had ordered the Beef Supreme. The other sandwich in the picture is my boyfriend’s Italian Mixed sub with a few types of meat and veggies.

The potato nuggets have a perfect mixture of seasoning that made me order another one since I hadn’t been there in a while and they’re hard to resist. They also have mini wooden forks to eat the nuggets with so your fingers don’t get oily. These aren’t like the potato nuggets you’re used to eating from school lunches or any other restaurant, these are something special.

After a meal of roast beef and potato nuggets, what’s next? Ice Cream, not just any ice cream but Martha’s Dandee Creme (1133 State Route 9
Queensbury, NY 12804) which is closer to Great Escape than Mr B’s but why not eat your ice cream before your dinner just this once! To become a fan on Facebook of Martha’s to see their daily specials CLICK HERE.

I love the various flavors that Martha’s has to offer and I’ve never had a flavor I didn’t enjoy. This ice cream is “the real deal.” To find it, look out for the rooster on the sign and the smiling faces of  people looking for a treat. *Due to how much I was looking forward to this ice cream, I ate it before I was able to take a picture but trust me, it’s as beautiful in appearance as is the flavor. A small ice cream should be enough for one person to eat, unless you’re really craving ice cream- be forewarned, sizes are larger than your stomach makes them seem! Some of my favorite flavors are Mint Chocolate Chip, Black Raspberry and the classic Chocolate-Vanilla Twist. This ice cream is just the creamiest I’ve ever had and it’s impossible at this point, after having experienced it, to drive past and not stop by for a cone.


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