“The Creator made Italy from designs by Michaelangelo.”

Mark Twain

To me, Italian festival equals great food, great friends and more great food. Last weekend was St. Anthony’s Italian Festa in Schenectady (331 Seward Place) and my stomach is always happy when that time comes around.

For those of you outside of the Schenectady area, Festa is a yearly event held by St. Anthony’s Church to celebrate all that is Italian. No worries for those of you, like me, who are not Italian because Festa is for everyone with an Italian appetite. When you first walk up, you walk past many game options like rock climbing, throwing a ball into a fish bowl, water gun games, etc. Granted, I remember Festa being more entertaining back in the day when I could really spend all evening there hanging out with friends but I still enjoyed myself.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the food. I can’t go to Festa without my homemade cavatelli (NOT pronounced CAVA-TELLI but CAVA-DEAL) or Pizza Frite (Fried Dough).  They also offered sausage and peppers, hot dogs, pizza and calzones. For drinks, there was a beer tent which as usual was horribly over priced but they had an Iced Tea/Lemonade station which served a solo cup full of Iced Tea/Lemonade for $1. My cavatelli was $5.50 with one meatball which was a great deal for the amount we got and it was just enough to share.


On top of food are raffles for prizes up to $500 and Italian style music played by a local band whose name I didn’t catch. Though it seems as if Festa isn’t as good as it used to be, it’s a great celebration of Italian culture even if you’re not Italian. Bored on that Saturday night? It’s a great place for a date because the food is cheap and the atmosphere isn’t intimidating. You can invite all your friends, eat and then move on to the great bars in Downtown Schenectady as my friends and I did. Luckily, that was the same night as Clinton’s Ditch’s 5 year anniversary complete with drink specials, only a $5 cover and a mechanical bull. We can only hope next year will bring the same crowds and I know for sure, it will at least be that same fantastic Italian food. Hope to see you next year!

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