“Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance.”


EDIT- Daurizios has since closed.

We don’t usually have big family parties very often and when we do, my mother cooks. This time, though, she decided to order food from Daurizios.

Photo Credit: Marcy Dwyer

All we had to do was call, tell them what we wanted, what size & when we’d want it delivered. We got everything we wanted right on time. The delivery boy forgot a bag of ours but had no problem coming back to make sure we had everything we asked for. My Mother ordered chicken wings, salad, pasta salad, garlic knots, “cinni knots” and more. There was so much tasty food I couldn’t decipher all what I ate.

To break down the food into the various kinds as I usually do would be difficult. They would all just say the same thing- AMAZING. I’m a huge fan of garlic knots, to the point where most are more oil than garlic for my taste but Daurizios made them perfect. On the same note, we heard that the “cinni knots” were the best, and boy was that an understatement. Think: fried dough COVERED in cinnamon sugar- how could you go wrong? They’re dangerous. Once you eat one, you’ll find yourself sneaking back for more.

What was really great about ordering this much food was the shelf life of it. We ate most of these as leftovers for at least a week. I had no problem finishing off the wings and blue cheese! Granted, most of our guests were more than happy to take home any food they could but whatever we could keep we did. They also gave us plenty of condiments (Blue Cheese, Ranch, etc) so we weren’t without. Anything we needed, they were accommodating.  I would highly recommend ordering from Daurizios if you have a party to cater. The food is great, the people are fantastic & all at a good price. Not having a party? Stop by FatBoy Style Pizza (2315 Curry Rd. Rotterdam, NY) for a slice or two…or more!


1 thought on ““Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance.””

  • Daurizios is fantastic and some of the best pizza I have ever had! I’ve done two documentary style photo shoots at Daurizios as I was so impressed with Tony and his crew.
    The galleries are at http://www.daelias.com .

    If you haven’t tried it -do. Everything is amazing! My favorite has to be the Stromboli.

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