“When you look at a cupcake, you’ve got to smile.”

Anne Byrn

I just had my graduation party a few weeks ago and my mother was hoping to get “one of those fancy cakes” as she called them with no luck. With the planning of the party we forgot how long “those fancy cakes” take to make and didn’t order one in time. On the plus side, I got to visit a few bakeries in the process. By far, my favorite was Coccadotts at 1179 Central Ave in Albany.

Not only was June 13th the day for my graduation party but it was also around the time of two birthdays in my family, therefore my Mom found it fitting that we buy two little cakes so they each could have a moment for their special days. For Cruise, we got a peanut butter cake and for Staci, a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. Sadly, in all the hubbub of my party and the (from what I heard) tastiness of the cakes, they were gone before I had a chance. We had also ordered a large cake from Hannaford and from what I was told, it didn’t stand a chance in comparison.

Not only are the cakes something to write home about but the atmosphere of the bakery itself will keep me going back. The owner had no trouble talking to us about all the cakes and cuppycakes (as they call them on their website) as well as the very busy June they’re having. She was very welcoming as well as very passionate about the products she was making, even sharing with us the difficulty of working in a bakery with a sweet tooth (I couldn’t imagine!).

We did end up buying the two cakes (which survived a night in our fridge beautifully) but we can’t walk out of a bakery without something to snack on! My Mom was disappointed to hear that their “Free Cupcakes for Facebook Fans” deal was the day before, since she was their fan on Facebook and was looking forward to a cuppycake. It didn’t stop us from getting cuppycakes anyway. Not only were the cuppycakes beautiful to look at, they were beautiful to the taste buds too! As many of you know, I’ve lived in NYC for the past 4 years and I couldn’t go with someone visiting me without stopping at the famous Magnolia Bakery. In my opinion, those cupcakes are almost sickenly sweet. Coccadotts on the other hand had a perfect blend of sweet. It wasn’t too sweet where I didn’t want to finish it but sweet enough where it satisfied my sweet tooth. The frosting as well was very smooth. As they recommended, wait until the cuppycake is at room temperature to experience the soft texture of the frosting. My mother couldn’t wait (I don’t blame her) but I waited as long as I could and, of course, they were right! Instead of a hard frosting because of the refrigeration, it was silky smooth and beautiful. The cake itself was a great balance with the sweet frosting. With many cupcakes, the sweet cake competes with the sickly-sweet frosting but with Coccadotts is not the case, perfect balance.

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4 thoughts on ““When you look at a cupcake, you’ve got to smile.””

  • Once you try them, you’re hooked!!! Magnolia has nothing on Coccadotts!!!! Now if only Max Brenners would move to the area, I wouldnt have to got to the city!
    Treat yourself, you deserve it. -TM

  • I don’t know…I have to disagree. Maybe because I’ve had them SO MANY times but I find Magnolia cupcakes to be waaay too sweet for my taste whereas Coccadotts is just enough for my sweet tooth. I DO agree with Max Brenner’s though, he needs to open one up here!!!

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