“Anything that walks, swims, crawls, or flies with its back to heaven is edible.”

Cantonese Saying

I remember when we first got a PF Changs in Colonie, tables were filled, reservations were all booked up and it was really tough getting a table. Showing up there at certain times of the week, pretty much dinner on a weekend, that may still be the case but during the week it’s not bad at all. What I like about PF Changs is that it’s Chinese food but it feels fancier on a plate instead of those white containers. When you show up, they used to mix a sauce for you and show you how to do it but our waiter didn’t this time so I mixed it myself. It’s dumpling sauce, hot mustard and some red sauce that I don’t remember.The first thing I think of when I hear PF Changs is Lettuce Wraps. Tofu or Chicken, they’re both fantastic. Don’t leave PF Changs without giving those a try with some of the sauce you just made. You get served a plate of lettuce and another plate with the filling that comes with white crispy noodles that you can eat (I do) or leave as a garnish. It’s hard for me to explain the wonderful taste of the lettuce wraps. They’re not spicy at all, other than that you’re just going to have to try them.

Usually I get some sort of Lo Mein but I was in the mood for fish. I ordered the Asian Grilled Salmon and this may have been the best salmon I’ve ever had. They left the woody part on the asparagus so I just cut that off but the taste of the salmon was fantastic.  What I loved about the salmon was that it wasn’t just a fishy taste but I tasted the seasonings when it was grilled. Just enough of the grill taste and just enough seasoning paired with the taste of the salmon itself with a  squirt of lemon and I’d go back any day and order that. It was a bit on the pricey side but completely worth it.

For dessert my boyfriend and I ordered dessert shots. These are double shot glasses filled with some sort of dessert, they have a few options. The best part? They’re only $2 and it’s the perfect serving size for a dessert. I ordered the Red Velvet. The frosting was rather thick but the cupcake part was tasty. My boyfriend ordered Strawberry Cheesecake. The only part I don’t like about that one is the graham cracker crumbs. Don’t eat them alone or your mouth will be really dry, make sure you have a little strawberry with it and you’ll be fine. The double chocolate one is also really good too if you don’t like our choices.

Tip: If the restaurant is packed, ask to sit at the bar; you can order all the same food and usually there are seats available- this works for a lot of other places too!

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