REVIEW: Peter Pause, Schenectady [PHOTOS]

REVIEW: Peter Pause, Schenectady [PHOTOS]

Very rarely do my mother and I have a chance to go out for breakfast in the morning. Last week, we were feeling adventurous. 

Granted, by the time we got ready and left the house it was 11am but since neither one of us had eaten yet, it was still considered breakfast. My Mom decided to go to a diner-like place on Nott Street called Peter Pause.


What I liked about this place is that when you walk in, you already feel like a part of the community. I’ve never been here before but the small atmosphere allows for everyone to say “Hello” as you enter and the occasional “Sweety” made me feel like I was eating at my Grandma’s House with a bunch of people I’ve never met before. Also, being located directly next to Union College makes this either a great place to take the parents when they come to visit or a great place to cure that next-day hangover on a student budget. We arrived a little after 11am and they still served breakfast but for $1 more per item.

My mother and I both ordered 2 eggs with hash browns and bread. Sadly, they weren’t able to serve poached eggs after 11am so I just got them however my Mom ordered them (I never remember what the names are for how to cook an egg). The food was very good for the price. This whole plate was around $5 ($6 after 11am). Also, on the side we were served not just regular toast but heavy Italian bread. There was enough there to take home and make a sandwich with later. Make sure, if you’re expecting to take food home, bring containers with you or plan ahead, they charge for take-out containers.

As we were leaving some people came in for a business lunch and ordered pasta that looked very good. My cousin had mentioned to me after that she’s had their Chicken Parm. before and she would recommend that. As I left, the cook made pleasant conversation with my mother and I, asking how we were that day as we paid at the register. If I find the opportunity, I’d definitely return. I’m curious to taste their lunch menu. Overall, the atmosphere, the staff, the food, was all wonderful.

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