“Lake George is without comparison, the most beautiful water I ever saw”

Thomas Jefferson

Sometimes when I’m looking for something to do, sitting in my house in Schenectady, I forget that there are many surrounding areas that are within an hour drive. 

My boyfriend and I decided to take a day trip to Lake George last weekend. We packed a picnic of homemade sandwiches, snacks, a blanket and sat at the park by Million Dollar Beach. The day was perfect.  

If you’re coming from Schenectady, take the back roads to the Northway and make sure you stop at Lakeside Farms for a donut. I’ve gone here since I was little and I spent all the money I had on their cheap candy. They also have a great restaurant if you’re hungry, everything I’ve ever had there has been delicious (my favorite is the BLT). I may have to have a separate entry later to focus on my love for this place, but for now the star is the Apple Cider Donut.  

For around $7 you can get a dozen of the best donut I’ve ever had and that you’ll probably have too. My Mom hates donuts but can’t stay away from the cinnamon sugar goodness. My favorite time to visit is around the fall when their whole second cabin is full of every type of apple I can think of and some I didn’t even know about, it smells amazing.  

Lakeside Farms

They also make their own apple cider, paired with the apple cider donut and an apple for later is my fall time snack. On Halloween, they have a witch come out from the shed on top to throw Smarties to all the kids. We usually chanced upon it each year but it’s fun to try to catch Smarties, even now. Jim had never been so I told him we had to stop there before our travels to Lake George Village.  

I have family that live on the lake so we don’t usually tend to frequent the village. I grew up thinking of it as the “Times Square” of Lake George, where tourists go but you don’t go there if you live in the area, or in my case have visited so many times each summer you pretty much live there. Therefore, we decided to be tourists and walk up and down the main street. The first stop of course was the arcade, Fun World, known to us as “the small arcade.” After, we passed by many tourist shops, food places, memories of my childhood, Shepard’s Park, the “big arcade,” & finally Ben and Jerry’s (of course).  The great thing about this area is that it doesn’t matter where you go, what you see, if you don’t stop anywhere you just get to enjoy that beautiful weather in a beautiful place. We were lucky enough to be picked up on my family’s boat at the end of our day too.I grew up coming to Lake George almost every weekend. It’s only a Northway ride away (Exit 21 takes you right to the village)! If you’re ever sitting home bored on a beautiful day, take a drive, take some friends and experience Lake George on a wonderful day there isn’t anything else like it!

2 thoughts on ““Lake George is without comparison, the most beautiful water I ever saw””

  • I love our picnics! whenever you wanna go to lake george is fine with me love! mmmmm lakeside farms donut

  • Miss that Lake, been away since 1979 and i hope it’s as beautiful as it was then, if not more.

    Thanks for sharing and good luck on the blog. let me know when your up to monetizing it.

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